Thu November 17, 2011

The Parenting Dance: Hold Tight While Letting Go

Originally published on Fri November 18, 2011 10:09 am

Joshua Littman and his mother, Sarah, visited StoryCorps for the second time to talk about their evolving relationship. Their first visit was in 2006.

When Sarah Littman took her son, Joshua, to college this fall, it was hard.

"I thought I was gonna cry the whole way back from college," she says during a visit to StoryCorps in New York City. "But I managed to make it until I got home. And then I walked upstairs and I saw your door shut and I just lost it."

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Thu November 17, 2011
Movie Reviews

'The Descendants': In Paradise, A Stranger To Himself

Island Son: George Clooney (left, with Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller) navigates tricky territory as a Hawaii man whose wife is on life support.
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Writer-director Alexander Payne is either the American cinema's most acerbic humanist or its most empathetic jerk. Whichever it is, the protagonists of the novels he adapts are outsiders who pay an emotional price for their sense of superiority.

Payne's The Descendants is his first film to be told from the perspective of a person of privilege, but real-estate lawyer Matt King (George Clooney) is the ultimate outsider: a stranger to his family and his lifelong home, Hawaii.

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Thu November 17, 2011
Deceptive Cadence

Turkey, Cranberries And Composers At The Table

Originally published on Fri November 18, 2011 12:01 am

Which composers would you invite to your Thanksgiving table?


Thu November 17, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

GAVI To Make HPV Vaccine Available In Developing Countries

Women in developing countries, such as Cote D'Ivoire, may soon have access to vaccines against HPV and rubella.

Women in developing countries will soon have access to vaccines for human papillomavirus and rubella, the GAVI Alliance announced today.

HPV causes about 275,000 cervical cancer deaths each year, and 88 percent of those deaths occur in developing countries. GAVI says the vaccine is critical for women and girls living in these areas because they don't have access to screenings for cervical cancer.

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Thu November 17, 2011

Obama Shifts Attention To Asian Pacific Region

Originally published on Thu November 17, 2011 5:59 pm



From NPR News, it's ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Guy Raz.


And I'm Melissa Block. President Obama arrived in Indonesia today, the latest stop in a 10 day trip across the Pacific. He's used the trip to send a message that the U.S. is shifting its attention to the Asia Pacific region, both for economic and security reasons. That includes the announcement yesterday that the U.S. will deploy 2,500 Marines to Australia.

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Thu November 17, 2011
All Politics are Local

Kentucky Lawmakers Push for More Cuts in Debt

Some of the Commonwealth’s lawmakers are pressuring members of the so-called “super committee” to exceed their goal and cut more than one point two trillion dollars in debt.  However, as its deadline nears, the special panel remains gridlocked. The clock is ticking on Capitol Hill. The deadline for the super committee is less than a week away, but as of now the two sides remain far apart. Kentucky Republican Congressman Ed Whitfield says this is a time for Congress to make hard decisions and set aside party loyalty.

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Thu November 17, 2011
The Commonwealth

Motorists Urged to Watch for Deer

Oh, deer! As bucks leap out of the woods in search of doe during mating season, motorists should use extra caution. “Doe are moving. The bucks are following the doe,” Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman Mark Marraccini said. “It’s just a peak time of the year for deer movement.” In addition to mating, it is also deer hunting season, which drives many deer out of the wild and onto the highways. “Last year, we had 3,084 deer-related collisions in Kentucky, with four of those being a fatal collision,” Kentucky State Police spokesman Lt. David Jude said. Nearly half of all vehicle collisions with deer occur during this time of year.


Thu November 17, 2011
The Commonwealth

Kentucky Ranks Low for Broadband Usage

Kentucky ranks near the bottom of states in terms of the percentage of households using broadband connections. Only Alabama at 56 percent and Arkansas and Mississippi, both at 52 percent, are lower than Kentucky’s 58 percent, according to “Exploring the Digital Divide,” a report released this month from the U.S. Department of Commerce. And nearly 30 percent of Kentucky households report having no computer at all. The state with the highest broadband adoption rate is Utah, at 80 percent.


Thu November 17, 2011
The Salt

Swipe A Loyalty Card, Help A Food Detective?

These cards could provide a treasure trove of information for epidemiologists.
Melissa Forsyth NPR

Imagine someone asking you what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner weeks ago. Most of us would do a fair to miserable job of recalling that. But it's exactly the information that investigators need to sleuth out the source of an outbreak of Salmonella or E. coli, as German officials learned the hard way this summer.

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Thu November 17, 2011

GOP Supercommittee Members Consider Tax Increase

Grover Norquist, president of the taxpayer advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform
Haraz N. Ghanbari AP

The congressional deficit-reduction supercommittee must agree before Thanksgiving to slice more than $1 trillion from projected deficits, or that money will be cut automatically from future budgets.

The fundamental divide between the panel's six Democrats and six Republicans has been over whether tax revenues should come into play. And with less than a week to go before the deadline, some Republicans are considering new tax revenue. But even the hint of compromise on that issue is dividing Republicans on Capitol Hill.

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