Wed November 23, 2011

Former Cricket Star Finds Fans In Pakistani Politics

Originally published on Thu November 24, 2011 11:01 am

Former cricket star Imran Khan waves to supporters during a rally in Lahore, Pakistan, last month. Khan, who is campaigning to be prime minister, attracted a crowd of some 100,000 at the rally.
K.M. Chaudary AP

After 15 years on the fringes of Pakistani national politics, Imran Khan is at the epicenter.

He first rose to prominence decades ago as the rakish star of Pakistan's cricket team, the country's national passion. He's now trying to reshape Pakistan's political game, outmaneuvering old-time political pros with his Tareek-e-Insaf (Justice Party).

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Wed November 23, 2011

Defense Workers Lobby To Prevent Automatic Cuts

Originally published on Wed November 23, 2011 6:53 pm

U.S. Army mine-resistant armored vehicles (MRAPs) and Afghan National Army vehicles pass through a village during a joint patrol in the Jalrez Valley in Afghanistan's Wardak province. On Monday, factory workers who produce MRAPs in York, Pa., rallied to protect the Pentagon budget against the automatic budget cuts that will take effect in 2013.
Maya Alleruzzo AP

The supercommittee's failure puts in motion automatic budget cuts for the Pentagon of $600 billion — a process called sequestration. On Monday, even before the supercommittee flamed out, defense workers in York, Pa., rallied to protect the Pentagon budget and perhaps their own jobs.

The local congressman, Republican Todd Platts, spoke to the workers and said that Republicans and Democrats in Congress should also do their work as Americans.

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Wed November 23, 2011
Kentuckians at War

Thankful to be Home and Safe

Millions of Kentuckians gather around the dinner table tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving. It can be an especially emotional time of year for military veterans. Kentucky Public Radio’s Brenna Angel talks with Lieutenant Colonel Shontelle Adams of the Kentucky National Guard’s 198th Military Police Battalion about what he’s thankful for.


Wed November 23, 2011
Movie Interviews

The Muppet Fans Who Made 'The Muppets' Movie

Jason Segel (left) and Walter (voiced by Peter Linz) try to reunite the original Muppets in the new family comedy The Muppets.
  • 'Frank Oz on Fresh Air in 1988'

Nicholas Stoller made his directorial debut with 2008's raunchy comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which starred Jason Segel as a guy who had to reassess his life after his girlfriend of five years dumped him.

Segel famously dropped his towel in the opening scenes of the film, which led The New York Times to call him "a young actor with nothing to hide."

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Wed November 23, 2011

Egypt Looks To Complete An 'Unfinished Revolution'

An Egyptian protester flashes the victory sign during clashes with riot police near Cairo's Tahrir Square on Wednesday. The clashes in recent days have clouded Egypt's future as it prepares for elections on Monday.
Mahmud Hams AFP/Getty Images

In the autumn of the Arab Spring, Egyptians fear they're losing their revolution.

That is, if it ever really was a revolution.

As the country braces for next week's scheduled election, people from the urban sprawl of Cairo to the rural reaches of Upper Egypt are left wondering if the so-called "January 25 Revolution" wasn't actually a popularly supported military coup.

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Wed November 23, 2011
The Two-Way

40 Miles Of 'Sticky Goo' Damages 150 Cars In Pennsylvania

We have to pass along more about this bullet from our Thanksgiving travel roundup:

"Some motorists were delayed for hours last night and early today on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Pittsburgh when 'a tar-like substance ... leaked from a tanker,' the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports."

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Wed November 23, 2011

Study Shows Richmond Fairness Law Budget Neutral

The Louisville Fairness Campaign has released a study that says it would not cost Richmond, Kentucky taxpayers any additional money to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents from discrimination. Richmond has a human rights commission, but the city does not ban discrimination based on perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. The Fairness Campaign has sought to extend those protections, but opponents say it would cost too much money to enforce. The study from the state human rights commission has found that enforcement would be budget neutral. (Read the study here.)

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Wed November 23, 2011
Business and the Economy

Retailers Banking on Solid Holiday Sales

Although Christmas merchandise encroaches deeper into the fourth quarter of the calendar, Black Friday still is considered the traditional opening to the Christmas shopping season, and local retailers have ramped up their efforts to go after consumers’ dollars. Walmart will begin its Black Friday early — on Thursday — with its Black Friday deals beginning at 10 p.m. Thanksgiving day. The store will be open all day Thursdsay.

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Wed November 23, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

Evidence Lends Support To Long-Term Treatment With Statins

Originally published on Wed November 23, 2011 11:38 am

Cholesterol-fighter simvastatin, the generic version of Zocor, gets a clean bill of health in an update to a study dating back to '90s.
JB Reed Landov

Standing in line at the drugstore or Costco might lead you to believe that just about everybody is taking a drug for high cholesterol.

And it's true that drugs to fight cholesterol, such as Zocor, now generic, and Lipitor, which is about to be, are the most frequently prescribed in the nation.

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Wed November 23, 2011
The Two-Way

Planning To Fry That Turkey? Watch These Videos First

Frozen turkey hot oil = big problem.