Mon September 12, 2011

Anamanaguchi: The Band That Plays Nintendo

Anamanaguchi combines the sound chips of old Nintendos and Game Boys with the guitars and drums of rock.
Courtesy of the artist

Anamanaguchi is a punk band that's part of an underground music scene known as "chiptune," an emerging form of electronic music that creates a layered sound from limited technology: video-game systems from the '80s. The group's music got its name because it combines the sound chips of old Nintendos and Game Boys with the guitars and drums of rock; it uses software designed for writing songs, then installs those songs on chips into old game machines. On stage, its members play traditional instruments like guitars and drums along with the video-game console, chirping a digital melody.

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Mon September 12, 2011
All Politics are Local

Galbraith's Growing Confidence

With election just under two months away, the man with the most experience ‘running for governor’ sees himself moving into second place. Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith is making his fifth attempt at the state’s highest office.  Although never a true contender in the past, the independent candidate thinks this year is different.  Galbraith’s confident of moving ahead of Republican David Williams. Williams and incumbent Democrat Steve Beshear are establishment candidate, so , Galbraith hopes to win support from voters who still want to ‘kick out the political establishment.’

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Mon September 12, 2011
The Commonwealth

Clays Mills Road Widening Timeline Extended

Work to widen a major artery in southwest Lexington is proceeding, but slower than commuters, construction workers and government officials had hoped.  Crews have worked since the first of the year on the Clays Mill Road project.  The relocation of utility lines occupied the first few months of 2011. After that, Lexington project manager Keith Lovan says wet weather slowed progress.  Now, Lovan says they’re working to catch up.

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Mon September 12, 2011
The Two-Way

In Oral History Interviews, A Very Candid Jackie Kennedy

Over the past few days, we've gotten snippets of a seven-part interview with Jacqueline Kennedy conducted in 1964 by the historian and Kennedy aide Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

What's emerged is that these tapes aren't your usual gloss on history, instead it's a very candid Jackie Kennedy, who was speaking honestly and disarmed a short time after the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy.

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Mon September 12, 2011

Bank Of America Tries To Right Acquisition Wrongs

A worker sweeps in front of a Bank of America branch in Chicago. On Monday, the bank announced plans to lay off 30,000 employees, or about 10 percent of its staff, over the next few years.
Scott Olson Getty Images

The nation's largest bank said Monday that it will cut 30,000 jobs over the next few years. Bank of America has been plagued by losses after buying the home lender Countrywide, and many investors have lost faith in the bank, driving its stock down 50 percent this year.

Meanwhile, Bank of America has been selling off parts of its business to raise more capital.

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Mon September 12, 2011
The Road Back To Work

The Road Back To Work: Randy Howland

Originally published on Fri January 10, 2014 1:30 pm

Whitney Curtis for NPR

Randy Howland, 51, is glad to be working again. He spent four months at the end of 2011 searching for work, again, the second time in one calendar year.

He's working in collections for a financial institution, working with people who are behind on their mortgages. He gathers information and figures out what opportunities there might be for a loan modification or refinance.

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Mon September 12, 2011

Potential Greek Default Worries European Politicians

Deepening concerns that debt-troubled Greece may default — and increasingly strident comments by several politicians in Germany about that possibility — helped send European markets sharply lower on Monday, raising worries about the sector's health.

The Stoxx 50 index of blue-chip European shares dropped 2.6 percent, with many of the continent's leading financial groups, such as Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas, at one point falling as much as 11 percent on worries over their exposure to potentially bad European debt.

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Mon September 12, 2011

Broadway's 'Follies,' Sounding As Sumptuous As Ever

Dressy and juicy: Jan Maxwell plays socialite and former showgirl Phyllis Rogers Stone, one of four deeply unhappy characters at the show's center.
Joan Marcus

Make no mistake: With a cast of more than 40, Follies is a really big show. The legendary musical takes place on the stage of a Broadway theater, at a reunion of former showgirls, with a domestic drama unfolding in the present while the stage is literally filled with ghosts from the past.

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Mon September 12, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

Poll: Americans' Concern About Food Safety Drops


After the wave of illnesses tied to organic sprouts in Europe earlier this year, we figured the time was right to check in again on how Americans feel about the safety of food in this country.

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Mon September 12, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

Same Plant, New Month: Cargill Ground Turkey Recall, Take 2

Originally published on Tue September 13, 2011 1:05 pm

Honeysuckle White is one of 3 brands of ground turkey being recalled.

Food giant Cargill initiated another ground turkey recall over the weekend.

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