Wed December 14, 2011
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Hospitals Torn On Reducing Repeat Admissions

Originally published on Wed December 14, 2011 5:01 pm

Joseuly Claudio, 53, gets weekly checkups from nurse practitioner Mary McDonagh at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.
Fred Mogul WNYC

What doesn't kill you, only makes you a repeat customer.

So says Prescott Pharmaceuticals, fictional and macabre sponsor of The Colbert Report.

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Wed December 14, 2011
Latin America

In Cuba, Dial-Up Internet Is A Luxury

Cuba is one of the least-connected countries in the world, a time-warped place where millions of young people have never been online and a dial-up Internet account is the stuff of dreams.

An undersea fiber-optic cable linking the island to Venezuela was supposed to change that this year. But six months after its completion, frustrated Cubans are still starved for web access.

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Wed December 14, 2011
NPR Story

NTSB Recommends Cell Phone Ban For Divers

The National Transportation Safety Board is advising against cell phone use — and even using hands-free devices while driving. But even some cell phone safety advocates think the recommendation goes too far.


Wed December 14, 2011
The Two-Way

Putin Loyalist Resigns As Russia's Speaker Of Parliament

Tens of thousands of protesters turned out in Moscow and other major cities across Russia in open defiance to strongman Vladimir Putin's 12-year rule.
Dmitry Chistoprudov AFP/Getty Images

The protests that have spread across Russia took a big political toll today, when the speaker of parliament announced his resignation. As the AP reports, the move appears to be tailored by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as an attempt to "stem public anger."

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Wed December 14, 2011

Michigan Town Grapples With Shrinking Public Sector

Inkster, Mich., resident Darrel Osborne says he's noticed the reduced police presence in the city.
Sarah Hulett for NPR

Tammi Warren has lived on the same winding street in the Detroit suburb of Inkster, Mich., all her life. But as she drives down the block in her Ford pickup, Warren points to several houses on her street that stand vacant, casualties of the housing market collapse.

Vacant houses mean less tax revenue for the city, and less revenue makes it harder for Inkster to provide basic city services.

"[The] city of Inkster has eliminated 38 positions," says City Treasurer Mark Stuhldreher. "It's about 25 percent, roughly, of the workforce."

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Wed December 14, 2011
The Two-Way

Scientists Set New Internet Speed Record

Now, we all have reason to complain about the speed of our Internet connection. Scientists announced yesterday that they have broken the Internet speed record by transferring data at 186 Gbps between two cities.

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Wed December 14, 2011
All Politics are Local

Marching Bands Galore at Inaugural Festivies

The Newport High School Marching Band passes the Capitol during the Inaugural Parade Tuesday morning.
Hannah Reel Frankfort State Journal

Turnout for Gov. Steve Beshear’s inaugural parade Tuesday was light compared to years past, but many crowded Frankfort's Capital Avenue to glimpse the governor and watch the more than 50 high school marching bands. “We used to be in the band together back in high school, and we really like parades,” said Tim Schultz, a state employee who sat in a camping chair along Broadway with his wife, Nanette Schultz.


Wed December 14, 2011
Rick Perry

5 Things You May Not Know About Rick Perry

Originally published on Thu December 15, 2011 11:36 am

Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks at the Republican Jewish Coalition 2012 Presidential Candidates Forum in Washington, D.C., last week.
Alex Wong Getty Images

The eyes of Texas have been upon James Richard "Rick" Perry ever since he boot-scootin' boogied onto the public-service stage. Now political observers are watching Perry's fortunes fluctuate as a Republican candidate for president.

Political junkies have followed the career of Perry — an Eagle Scout, veterinary student and son of a farmer and a bookkeeper — from his initial election as a Democrat to the state House of Representatives in 1984. They have studied his endorsement of Al Gore for president in 1988. They watched him as he changed parties in 1989.

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Wed December 14, 2011
State Capitol

Beshear Pushes Gaming on Day One

Gov. Steve Beshear and first lady Jane Beshear wave to the crowd as they are announced before the Inaugural Celebration Tuesday night at the Convention Center.
Tricia Spaulding Frankfort State Journal

State representatives Derrick Graham and Carl Rollins believe there’s support for a constitutional amendment on expanded gaming, but Sen. Julian Carroll says any proposal must be vetted before there’s a vote. That’s in response to Gov. Steve Beshear’s inaugural address, in which he called on leaders to “find the political courage and the will to lay the foundation” for the future before saying he’ll again push for a constitutional amendment on expanded gambling. Beshear shared broad plans for his second term during his 20-minute inaugural address Tuesday, mentioning job creation, education, gambling and restructuring the state’s tax code when the recession ends.


Wed December 14, 2011
All Politics are Local

Group Urges Beshear to Block Hospital Merger

Click here for all of our coverage on this issue.

The Washington D.C.-based organization Americans United for Separation of Church and State is asking Governor Steve Beshear not to approve the pending merger between University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish/St. Mary’s Health System and a division of Catholic Health Initiatives.

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