Fri February 10, 2012

Centre Makes National Best Value List

In its recently released “Best Value Colleges: 2012 Edition,” Princeton Review has included Centre College on its list of the nation’s top 75 best-buy private colleges. Centre is the only private college in Kentucky to make the list, and Kentucky is one of just 37 states represented. “Centre College remains committed to being a place of high achievement and high opportunity,” said John A. Roush, Centre’s president since 1998, “and this recent ranking affirms our efforts.”


Fri February 10, 2012
Health and Welfare

Beshear Confident in Medicaid Managed Care

Governor Steve Beshear says the problems with Kentucky’s new Medicaid Managed Care system will be resolved. Beshear pushed for the managed care system last year to take some of the administrative burden of Medicaid off of the state. But earlier this week, doctors, pharmacists and hospital officials told lawmakers there were significant problems with the system. Specifically, care providers are owed millions of dollars in claim payments and have struggled to get pre-authorizations for procedures and medications.

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Fri February 10, 2012
Planet Money

The Undertaker Who Helps Big Banks Write Death Plans

Originally published on Fri February 10, 2012 6:03 pm

Nobody lives forever.

The nation's big banks are writing death plans — living wills that spell out how, in a future crisis, they could be safely dismantled. The idea is that the death plans will help avoid another government bailout of the banks.

"You're technically writing your own funeral, down to the color of the flowers" says Dolores Atallo.

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Fri February 10, 2012
The Commonwealth

State Agency Surveys Internet Usage

A state agency focused on Internet access is surveying Kentuckians about how often they get online and what they use the Internet for. The Commonwealth Office of Broadband Outreach and Development sent out a survey request week to 100,000 businesses, organizations, and households across the state.

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Fri February 10, 2012
Kentucky Arts and Culture

Kentucky Opera Hires Non-Union Musicians

The Kentucky Opera has hired a group of community musicians to play for next weekend’s performances. The ongoing Louisville Orchestra labor dispute has left the opera without musicians. The company seated a group of union orchestra players for November’s run of Carmen. The players were given a shorter-term version of their collective bargaining agreement with the orchestra for those performances.

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Fri February 10, 2012
The Two-Way

White House To Detail Changes To Controversial Contraception Rule

Originally published on Fri February 10, 2012 12:21 pm

Hospitals and organizations operated by religious institutions will not have to pay for or provide free contraception coverage to their employees, but the insurance companies that offer coverage to those workers will have to do that, White House officials just told reporters during a conference call.

They're explaining changes to a controversial plan the administration unveiled in recent days. The goal of the change appears to be to provide the coverage, but at the same time to not force religious groups to violate their principles.

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Fri February 10, 2012

A Conservative's Tips For Finding The Right Mate

Neil Harrison iStockphoto


Fri February 10, 2012
The Two-Way

Josh Powell Turned Out To Be 'A Monster,' Says Social Worker

The social worker who watched in horror last Sunday as a Washington state man blew up the house that his two young sons had gone into moments before says he had never before seemed dangerous.

But she knows now, Elizabeth Griffin-Hall tells ABC News, that "Josh Powell was really, really evil."

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Fri February 10, 2012
Shots - Health Blog

How My Voice Went Silent

Originally published on Fri February 10, 2012 3:10 pm

Everything looked fine on my CT scan, but I didn't sound even close to right.
Courtesy of Richard Harris NPR

There's an old joke around newsrooms: News is something that happens to your editor.

If you'll pardon the self-indulgence, I'm going to take this truism one step further: News is what happened to me.

I was laid low the week before New Year's Day by a mysterious headache and a blazing sore throat. A few days later I lost my voice.

My doctors eventually pinpointed the cause by snaking a small camera down my nose. My left vocal fold (or vocal cord if you prefer) had stopped working. It was essentially paralyzed, other than the occasional twitch.

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Fri February 10, 2012
Movie Interviews

'The Interrupters': Keeping Peace On The Streets

Originally published on Fri February 10, 2012 12:19 pm

Ameena Matthews, a violence interrupter with the Chicago organization CeaseFire, mediates disputes to prevent gang violence from escalating.
Aaron Wickenden Kartemquin Films

This interview was originally broadcast on Aug. 1, 2011. The Interrupters will be broadcast on Frontline on Feb. 14, 2012.

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