Tue January 17, 2012
Author Interviews

The Charmed and Charming Life of Rosamond Bernier

Originally published on Tue January 17, 2012 10:48 am

In 1947, Vogue magazine sent Rosamond Bernier to Paris to cover European cultural life as it recovered after World War II. She met everyone who was anybody — Pablo Picasso befriended her, Henri Matisse gave her fashion tips, Alice B. Toklas baked for her. Bernier's memoir Some of My Lives is a lively compendium of this movable feast of art and genius — and of the author's own considerable charm.

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Mon January 16, 2012
Faith and Values

Lexington's Martin Luther King Junior Observance

Recognition of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Junior often brings with it reflection of the past and optimism for the future.  Both were experienced in downtown Lexington Monday.  Gwendalin Cowan was one of the estimated 14 hundred participants at the annual Unity Breakfast.  She says paying homage to Reverend King each year is important, but his message calls for a day to day commitment.

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Mon January 16, 2012

Do Law Schools Cook Their Employment Numbers?

Originally published on Tue January 17, 2012 8:01 am

Many law school students say they were lured in by juicy job numbers upon graduation, but when they got out, all they ended up with is massive debt.
Dan Kite iStockPhoto.com

It's often assumed that even in tough times, lawyers can find good jobs. But that proposition is being overturned by a tight legal market, and by a glut of graduates.

The nation's law schools are facing growing pressure to be more upfront about their graduates' job prospects. Many students say they were lured in by juicy job numbers, but when they got out, all they ended up with is massive debt.

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Mon January 16, 2012
Around the Nation

'The Prison Show' Helps Texas Inmates Find Escape

Originally published on Wed April 17, 2013 2:26 pm

Reaching Behind Bars: Prison Show host and former inmate David Babb takes to the air every Friday night at 9 p.m. to deliver news about the Texas penal system and to take calls from listeners, who often have messages for their incarcerated loved ones.
Eric Kayne for NPR

Every Friday at 9 p.m., thousands of prisoners across East Texas settle into their bunks, pull out their hand-held radios and tune in to The Prison Show, the only radio show in the country that caters to prisoners and the families they've left behind.

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Mon January 16, 2012
Three Books...

Rebel Memoirs: Three Confessions From The Edge


These days, memoirs are often the target of contempt. A scathing slam in New York Times Book Review this year inveighed against "oversharing"; and in the New Yorker, the memoirist was likened to "a drunken guest at a wedding... motivated by an overpowering need to be the center of attention." If the narrative deals with socially unacceptable matters like abuse, addiction, family dysfunction, or even poverty, the scorn gets even thicker.

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Mon January 16, 2012
Around the Nation

Botox Tax Goes Under The Knife In New Jersey

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is considering a bill that would eliminate the state's 6 percent tax on cosmetic medical procedures like Botox by July 2013.
Win McNamee Getty Images

If you watch much TV, you probably know that the Real Housewives of New Jersey are no strangers to the surgeon's knife. And if the state's plastic surgeons get their way, those housewives may be able to save a few dollars on their next procedure.

New Jersey's legislature has voted to phase out the so-called "Botax" — a 6 percent tax on cosmetic surgery and elective procedures like Botox — and the bill is currently on Gov. Chris Christie's desk for approval.

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Mon January 16, 2012

Photos: Sunk Cruise Ship In Italy

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 11:06 am

The search for survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster continues Thursday in Giglio Porto, Italy. At least 11 people were killed after the vessel ran aground last week. More than 20 people are still missing.
Laura Lezza Getty Images

A luxury cruise liner went aground off Italy's coast on Friday.


Mon January 16, 2012
Health and Welfare

Better Bites Expanding at Lexington Pools

 The healthy way to a kid’s stomach may be found at a pool concession stand during the swimming season.   An expanded menu of healthy foods is planned in Lexington this summer.  The ‘Better Bites’ menu includes fruit, a grilled chicken sandwich, and bottled water.  It was posted at the Woodland and Southland Aquatic Centers this past summer.  Anita Courtney is chair of the Lexington Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition.   She says the healthy menu will be offered at two additional pools this year.

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Mon January 16, 2012
Deceptive Cadence

Violinist Joshua Bell: 'French Impressions,' Yesterday And Today

Joshua Bell revisits the classic Violin Sonata by Cesar Franck on his new album.
Lisa Marie Mazzucco

When Joshua Bell was 21, he recorded an iconic piece of chamber music for piano and violin — the Sonata in A major by Cesar Franck. Today, Bell is 44 and he's recorded it again. It's on his new album, French Impressions, with pianist Jeremy Denk.

All Things Considered host Robert Siegel invited Bell to listen to his old recording for a little session of compare-and-contrast.

"Do you hear the same violinist?" Siegel asks, after playing for Bell the opening bars of his 1989 recording.

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Mon January 16, 2012
The Commonwealth

Wrecked Cruise Ship Passenger Happy to Be Home

It's Sunday night at Louisville International Airport, and Sarah Moore of Bowling Green is waiting as patiently as she can. She's standing still, occasionally rising on her toes to peek through a security checkpoint. Behind her are friends and family holding signs and flowers and waiting patiently, too.  Finally, Sarah Moore sees her, and Lauren Moore walks straight to her mother. The daughter carries only a small Nike bag from a retail store. Mother and daughter embrace. Hugs are exchanged. The relief is evident on the face of the concerned mother - Lauren Moore, 28, of Bowling Green is home.

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