Fri April 13, 2012
It's All Politics

Beyond The Call Of Duty: A Short List Of Heroic Acts By Politicians

Sen. Bill Frist (left) gives a mock smallpox vaccine during a training session in 2003. Frist, a surgeon, once gave CPR to a visitor who collapsed in a Senate office building.
Susan Walsh AP

After rescuing his neighbor from a burning building, Newark Mayor Cory Booker joins an elite list of politicians who have performed heroic acts while in office. While it's inspiring anytime a stranger reaches out to help someone, it's not often that the person risking his or her life happens to be an elected official.

We've compiled a partial list of past heroic feats performed by pols.

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Fri April 13, 2012

In Balancing Act, Turkey Hosts Iranian Nuclear Talks

Originally published on Tue January 29, 2013 5:55 pm

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan meets Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran, Iran, in March. Relations between the two countries have deteriorated over Iran's continued support of the Syrian regime.
Vahid Salemi AP

Iran's suspect nuclear program will again be in the spotlight this weekend when negotiators from Iran and six international powers meet in Istanbul.

Iran was reluctant to have Turkey host the meeting, reflecting Iran's growing unhappiness with Turkish foreign policy moves, especially its call for regime change in Syria, Iran's key ally in the Arab world.

Analyst and columnist Yavuz Baydar says Turkey has stuck its neck out for Iran in the past, defending what it calls Iran's peaceful nuclear energy program and even voting against U.N. sanctions on Iran two years ago.

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Fri April 13, 2012
The Two-Way

Tornadoes, Severe Weather Likely Saturday Across Nation's Midsection

The darker areas are being warned about what's coming. They're where tornadoes could occur on Saturday and into Sunday.
Storm Prediction Center

Dangerously strong storms and tornadoes are possible Saturday and into Sunday from north central Texas up through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa and as far east as Wisconsin, the National Weather Services's Storm Prediction Center is warning.

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Fri April 13, 2012
The Salt

Dining With Disaster: Reviving The Last Meal On The Titanic

Originally published on Fri October 26, 2012 12:19 pm

Wikimedia Commons

Before the iceberg, before the lifeboats, before the sinking, there was the dinner.

On the evening of April 14, 1912, the first-class passengers aboard the Titanic sat down for a sumptuous 10-course meal. The menu included oysters, filet mignon, poached salmon, chicken Lyonnaise, foie gras, roasted pigeon, lamb with mint sauce and Punch Romaine, a palate-cleansing ice flavored with oranges and drenched in champagne.

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Fri April 13, 2012
Business and the Economy

Business Recruitment Improving in Lexington

A Lexington organization that tracks the community’s economic pulse is expressing optimism about 2012.  Commerce Lexington’s Jenna Greathouse says they’re working with 39 businesses interested in central Kentucky.  Greathouse says that compares with 27 firms at the same point last year.   “So when we’re seeing more people coming and looking at Lexington..coming from other cities and states to see what we have to offer…for an expansion of a new business..a relocation of a company..that kind of thing, …yeah I think it’s a good indicator,” said Greathouse.

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Fri April 13, 2012
The Commonwealth

Kentucky Teens Plead Guilty to Hate Crime

Two teens have pleaded guilty to helping assault a Letcher County man who was targeted because he is gay. Alexis Leeann Jenkins and Mable Ashley Jenkins, both 19 and residents of Harlan County, pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and aiding others in causing bodily injury to the victim because of his sexual orientation, according to court documents.


Fri April 13, 2012
It's All Politics

Polarization, GOP's Rightward Shift, Fills Political Scientist With Dread

This graph shows the ideological movement for both parties in the House. Note the steady shift towards conservatism among Republicans.

When President Obama recently complained to news media executives about their ostensibly even-handed "pox on both of your houses" coverage of the partisan battles in Washington, it might have seemed like, well, a partisan shot from a Democratic president.

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Fri April 13, 2012
The Two-Way

Vermont Governor Has Bear Encounter

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin.
Toby Talbot AP

Bears are in the news again.

Tuesday, there was the guy in Los Angeles who was texting-while-walking and almost bumped into a 400-pound black bear. The close encounter with an ursine was caught on video.

Now there's this:

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Fri April 13, 2012
Health and Welfare

UK Holds Bone Marrow Drive

Bone marrow donor Monica Choe swabs her cheek as part of the registration process
Josh James

University of Kentucky pharmacy students organized a bone marrow drive on campus Friday. In addition to adding new names to the registry, the drive also aimed to clear up some common misconceptions about the donation process. "We've been at it since about 8 o'clock and we've probably added 45 to 50 people already," says Kenneth Kennedy, a pharmacy resident is helping oversee the Be the Match Bone Marrow Drive. He says part of the challenge is updating potential donors on how the donation process has evolved.

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Fri April 13, 2012

Beshear Orders Extra Session

Gov. Beshear

Gov. Steve Beshear has ordered the Kentucky General Assembly to convene an extraordinary session at noon Monday to consider a transportation budget and a bill aimed at battling prescription drug abuse. Beshear's call for a special legislative session came about 12 hours after lawmakers ended their regular 60-day session Thursday night without approving the Transportation Cabinet's operating budget. In his call, Beshear blasted Senate President David Williams for blocking approval of the bills on Thursday.