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Sun February 19, 2012
Latin America

Female Candidate Battles Machismo In Mexico

Originally published on Tue February 21, 2012 11:15 am

Josefina Vazquez Mota celebrates her selection as the presidential candidate of the National Action Party in Mexico City on Feb. 5. She's the first woman to run for president in Mexico on a major party ticket.
Alfredo Estrella AFP/Getty Images

Earlier this month, the National Action Party of Mexico nominated the country's first ever female presidential candidate, economist Josefina Vazquez Mota. As Vazquez Mota accepted the nomination, she vowed to be the first woman to become the Mexican head of state.

The PAN, as the conservative party is known in Spanish, is Mexico's current ruling party. It has also put forth a woman, Isabel Miranda de Wallace, in Mexico City's mayoral race. Both elections take place on July 1.

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Sun February 19, 2012

What's The Cure In The Race Against Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer survivors stand to form the shape of a pink ribbon at a Susan G. Komen Foundation charity race in Tyler, Texas, in 2004.
Tom Worner AP

Tracy Grant was just 39 when she got the diagnosis.

"They asked me to stay a little bit longer because they saw something a little weird," she remembers. "In my mind I was saying, ... 'Here we go, this doesn't look good.' "

It was breast cancer. As devastating as the news was, it wasn't a surprise. Her mother, Catherine Grant, was diagnosed at age 51.

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Sun February 19, 2012
The Impact of War

Medics In Training: Treating Soldiers In Transit

Originally published on Sun February 19, 2012 7:58 pm



For the thousands of U.S. military men and women still fighting in Afghanistan, the realities of war mean many will have their missions cut short by serious injury. Airlifting the wounded out of the war zone and to a hospital requires specially trained medical teams. Cheri Lawson of member station WNKU spent time with trainees of the Air Force's critical care air transport team in Cincinnati. That's where the training takes place.


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Sun February 19, 2012
Pop Culture

The Deep-Seated Meaning Of The American Sofa

The sofa can be the epicenter of our lives. It is home base, North Star, study carrel, dining booth and royal throne rolled into one.
Dierk Schaefer Flickr

A tale of two couches: The first, pictured recently in the New York Daily News, is where NBA supernova Jeremy Lin reportedly spent nights — perhaps battling Linsomnia — before erupting into a game-changing beast and leading the New York Knicks to a euphoric win streak.

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Sun February 19, 2012
All Politics are Local

Paul’s Stance on Synthetic Drugs

As U.S. Sen. Rand Paul objects to legislation that seeks to ban synthetic drugs on the grounds that drug laws should be state and local issues and federal sentencing guidelines are too harsh, he also cites in a letter to two other senators the proliferation of Islam in the prison system among his arguments against federal measures to ban the substances. In a four-page Dec. 14 letter to U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, obtained recently by the Daily News, Paul explains that one of the reasons he objects to three Senate bills dealing with synthetic drugs is that sending people to prison could lead to more people turning to the Islamic faith.


Sun February 19, 2012
The Commonwealth

Remembering Legislator Virgil Pearman


Virgil Pearman was best known for his work as a homebuilder and his service in Kentucky’s General Assembly. But those closest to him recalled the late legislator as putting family first. Hours after Pearman died Friday at age 78 at Hardin Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown, Joe Pearman remembered his brother as a man who would rather have a grandchild bouncing on his knee than talk to the president. Eventually Pearman went on to serve multiple terms in the state House of Representatives and one term in the state Senate before leaving office in 1993.


Sun February 19, 2012
Environmental Watchdog

Winter Storm Will Deliver Snow

An approaching storm will apparently only deliver a glancing blow to Central Kentucky on Sunday while dumping up to several inches of snow over Eastern Kentucky.The National Weather Service office in Jackson has issued a winter storm warning through 9 p.m. Sunday for Eastern Kentucky. Snow will be heavy at times and mixed with sleet during the middle part of the day, the NWS said. Two to 4 inches of snow will fall in the valleys and 3 to 5 inches on higher elevations. And amounts of up to 6 inches are possible in some areas.

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Sun February 19, 2012
The Commonwealth

Sherman Minton Bridge Reopens Early

The I-64 Sherman Minton Bridge over the Ohio River between Southern Indiana and Louisville reopened to traffic just before midnight Friday. “Thanks to the workers, contractors, and the people of INDOT, the Sherman Minton Bridge is back in operation, 12 days ahead of the target date. We’ve never been happier to pay a contractor incentive dollars for an ahead-of-schedule performance.And thanks also to all the citizens who endured so much inconvenience in order to make 100 percent sure that no one was ever put at risk,” Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said in a statement.

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Sun February 19, 2012
The Salt

Dining After 'Downton Abbey': Why British Food Was So Bad For So Long

Originally published on Fri October 19, 2012 3:06 pm

"Downton Abbey's" kitchen maid (Sophie McShera) and cook (Lesley Nicol) teach Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown-Findlay) the basics of cooking. Many Edwardian servants had a pretty good handle on advanced cuisines, says food historian Ivan Day.
Courtesy (C) Carnival Film & Television Limited 2011 for Masterpiece

If you've ever watched the television show Downton Abbey, you've probably deduced that dining was a very, very big deal in the lives of the landed gentry of Edwardian England.

Much of the drama surrounding the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants unfolds against a tableau of the table.

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