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Wed July 18, 2012
The Salt

Discarded Food Cans Turn Into Canvas For British Street Artist

Originally published on Thu July 19, 2012 3:32 am


Those eyes grab you first. Only after a couple of beats do you realize you're looking at the painted bottom of a flattened metal can left on the street, and not some mysterious fairy.

These can art people come from the imagination of a British artist known as My Dog Sighs, who has left a piece of art on the street for someone to find every Friday for the last 10 years.

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Wed July 18, 2012
NPR Cities: Urban Life In The 21st Century

Drive Time: Commuting In American Cities

CurvaBezier iStockphoto

Americans' methods for commuting to work vary by city. Some drive alone or carpool, while others use mass transportation. Use this map to explore the geographic differences in how residents in cities with more than 100,000 workers get to work.

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Wed July 18, 2012
The Two-Way

To Help Dissidents, YouTube Introduces Face-Blurring Tool

Originally published on Wed July 18, 2012 7:58 pm

A screenshot of how the face-blurring technology works.

In an effort to make posting video on YouTube safer for activists, YouTube has announced a new tool that automatically obscures faces.

"Whether you want to share sensitive protest footage without exposing the faces of the activists involved, or share the winning point in your 8-year-old's basketball game without broadcasting the children's faces to the world, our face blurring technology is a first step towards providing visual anonymity for video on YouTube," Amanda Conway, a policy associate at YouTube wrote in a blog post.

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Wed July 18, 2012

Law School Makes $2.4 Million Mistake

University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law needs to plug a $2.4 million hole after officials gave too much scholarship money to first year incoming students. Several students were reportedly granted a scholarship they either shouldn’t have been, or the amount the school offered was way too high. It’s unclear at this time why students were given extra  funds, but U of L officials say an internal investigation is looking into the issue.

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Wed July 18, 2012
Environmental Watchdog

Closer Look at Health Effect of Mountaintop Removal

Gabe Bullard Louisville Public Media

Three new studies have added more scientific evidence to support ill health effects from mountaintop removal coal mining. Over the past few years, several studies have presented evidence supporting links between health problems—like cancer and birth defects—that are more prevalent in communities with mountaintop removal mines. But these new studies attempt to pinpoint specific pollutants that could be causing those health problems.

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Wed July 18, 2012
All Politics are Local

Murray Votes Go Wet

Hawkins Teague Murray Ledger & Times

Almost 12 years after liquor by the drink was legalized in Murray, the city’s voters decided to go wet on Tuesday. A total of 3,931 voted in Tuesday’s local option election, with 2,109 – or about 53.65 percent – answering “yes” to the question, “Are you in favor of the sale of alcoholic beverages in the City of Murray, Kentucky?” No votes totaled 1,822, which amounted to about 46.35 percent. The results obtained from the Calloway County Clerk’s Office are still unofficial and will have to be certified.


Wed July 18, 2012
Environmental Watchdog

Fire Ban Lifted in Daniel Boone Forest

WINCHESTER – Due to recent rainfall, the ban prohibiting campfires and other open flames outside of developed recreation areas in the Daniel Boone National Forest is now lifted. The ban was issued last month due to drought conditions across the forest. “We urge forest visitors to continue using caution with fire,” Deputy Forest Supervisor Bill Lorenz said in a news release on the organization's website.

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Wed July 18, 2012
Human Tissue Donation

Am I A Tissue Donor, Too?

Originally published on Wed July 18, 2012 9:20 pm

Organ and tissue donation forms vary from state to state. Some are very general, while others allow people to choose or restrict what they want to donate.

Part 3 in a four-part series

Maybe you've agreed to be an organ donor. There might be something on your driver's license — a red heart, a pink dot or the word "Donor" — to show it. That also means you've very likely agreed — even if you don't realize it — to donate more than just your organs.

I know that I'm an organ donor. I signed up years ago, when I renewed my driver's license. But I had no idea that I'd also signed up to donate my tissue. That is, until Laura Siminoff, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University's medical school, explained it to me.

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Wed July 18, 2012
The Two-Way

Netanyahu Points At Iran After Explosion In Bulgaria Kills Israelis

Originally published on Sun July 22, 2012 9:42 am

One bus was largely destroyed and others nearby were damaged by today's explosion in Bulgaria.
AFP/Getty Images

Reports vary on the number of deaths in Bulgaria today from an explosion that tore apart a bus carrying Israeli tourists, most of them reportedly young people in the Black Sea city of Burgas on vacation.

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