Ex-Coal CEO Blankenship Argues He's Wrongly Imprisoned

25 minutes ago
Ashton Marra/West Virginia Public Broadcasting

The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments Wednesday in the appeal by former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship. Blankenship was convicted last year of conspiring to violate federal mine safety laws in connection with a 2010 disaster at a West Virginia mine.

As reporter Ashton Marra, of the Ohio Valley ReSource, tells us, the panel of judges focused on just one of four of Blankenship’s arguments to overturn his conviction.

Jude Joffe-Block

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of the most controversial law enforcement officers in the United States. Now, his days may be numbered — thanks in part to an immigrant-led movement to oust him.

The strength of the movement was evident recently in a Phoenix parking lot, where about 500 volunteers gathered to knock on doors and persuade voters to oppose the Maricopa County sheriff. Organizers call this the biggest canvass to date against the sheriff, who has been in office nearly 24 years and is running in a tough re-election race.

David Rapaport, a casting director for comic book-inspired shows like The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl, loves interacting with fans on social media.

Many people have recently congratulated him on his work on 100 episodes of Arrow, a milestone that the CW series will hit in November. Supergirl fans were thrilled that the show cast Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s series, as the president of the United States in a recent episode.

Domestic Violence Awareness on Eastern Standard

6 hours ago

On average, nearly 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner every minute in the United States

On this week’s Eastern Standard, we’ll discuss domestic violence in Kentucky.




A motion to remove Lexington’s minimum wage ordinance from the books failed in a Tuesday council meeting.  It took two votes before the matter was addressed at the work session.

The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled last week that Lexington and Louisville’s minimum wage increases were invalid. A motion seeking to repeal the minimum wage statute ultimately failed on a 5-9 vote. 


Central Kentucky business leaders got briefings on Southern and Eastern Kentucky economic strategies this week.  The Commerce Lexington-sponsored trip included stops in Williamsburg, Hazard, Pikeville, Prestonsburg, Paintsville, and Salyersville.  

Group President Bob Quick says the trip and related events are about coordinated efforts to grow a statewide economy.  The Commerce Lex CEO says it’s incumbent on central Kentucky business interests to reach out and help other economies as well.  “When all the Commonwealth is growing, then we’re all going to do better,” noted Quick.

Carolyn Beeler/PRI

This is what Um-E Salma remembers about her wedding day.

“Before I started to dress up I closed my room and I cried a lot, and I told myself that this is all you are going to cry for the rest of your life.”

The groom was 26. Salma was 17.

She was transformed from an over-achieving tenth-grader into a bride terrified of what would happen on her wedding night.  

“I was not educated about the subject even,” Salma said. “I was really scared of him coming in the room so I went to the washroom and I locked myself up.”

Journalism in Mosul right now is punishable by death

21 hours ago
Reuters/via Amaq news agency 

Citizen journalists inside Mosul say the government there, imposed by ISIS, is starting to break down. An offensive to drive the terror group out of the Iraqi city has been ongoing for 10 days.

But — who are these citizen journalists?


Eastern Kentucky University officials say the school’s freshmen retention rate is at its highest level ever, at almost 75 percent.  The data was mentioned during a Board of Regents meeting Monday.

Eastern Vice President Laurie Carter also told board members that, in addition to an all-time high in retaining freshman, four andfive-year graduation rates continue to rise.  Overall enrollment at the school based in Richmond remains steady at roughly 17,000 students.

Isis Madrid

Last week we asked ninth-graders in Lawrence, Massachusetts, which gender issue is most important to fix around the world: violence against women, lack of literacy and education for women, or the lack of women in leadership and power positions.

The Lawrence High School Ninth Grade Academy participated in a Model United Nations event to determine which of these issues to spend $1 billion fixing. Across Women's Lives coordinated the discussion as part of our Balance of Power series.