Lexington Position to Oversee Construction Agenda

Jul 19, 2015

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray says the hiring of a project management director is aimed at bringing efficiencies to 100 million dollars budgeted for construction. The mayor says the local government currently has no common template for project management.  He cites a number of current projects including a plan to develop a linear park through the downtown area, "Town Branch Commons, for restoring and renovating the old courthouse, plans to design a city hall that would allow the existing city hall to be repurposed."

EKU Places Second in Preseason Football Poll

Jul 17, 2015

Eastern Kentucky University’s football Colonels have been tabbed to finish second in the upcoming Ohio Valley Conference race.  The ranking is certainly partly based on a returning EKU runner.

Equine Hobbyists Expected for Weekend Horse Park Event

Jul 17, 2015

More than 15 thousand people are anticipated for BreyerFest 2015.  It runs Friday through Sunday at the Kentucky Horse Park.   It's an event focusing on the model horse hobby focusing on equine entertainment and accessories. 

Also this weekend, the North American Young Riders Championship will include three to four hundred competitors.  Horse Park Deputy Director Darren Ripley says this marks the start of a big run at the facility,  "We start this week, these two shows, and this is kind of what my staff would call the six weeks of utter chaos.”

Paintsville Rec Center Providing Support to Flood Victims

Jul 16, 2015

The kitchen at the Paintsville Recreation Center is a busy place today.  Volunteers are there preparing meals for those affected by flood waters this week.  Bonnie Porter is director of the Paintsville Main Street Program.  "We're just working to try to help everybody, it's a very sad to see the devastation here and the T.V. stations don't do it justice how really bad it is up here," said Porter.

Mental Health Services Available for Flood Victims

Jul 16, 2015

Hundreds of families and emergency responders are coping with the aftermath of flooding in Eastern Kentucky.  Therapeutic counseling will also be offered.

Flood Victims Likely to Face Insurance Challenges

Jul 16, 2015

The focus in flood-stricken areas of Eastern Kentucky remains on immediate day-to-day needs of food and shelter.

Ichthus Festival 20-15 Featured Brothers and Sisters in Harmony

Jul 15, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

    After making music for more than 40 years near Wilmore, Ichthus, a once nationally renowned Christian music festival made its debut last week at the Kentucky Horse Park. Bands with a sibling theme made up part of the inaugural lineup this year. 

'Bread of Stone' closed out the first night of the Christian music festival a week ago. The Sioux City band includes two brothers, Ben and Bill Kristijanto who are of Indonesian descent. After playing on Wednesday, the band did an acoustic set Saturday afternoon which included an Indonesian ditty. 

Response to Flash Flooding Focuses on Physical, Emotional Needs

Jul 14, 2015

   Flash flooding in eastern Kentucky has caused loss of life, major damage, and general disruption for hundreds of families. 

Rural communities in Rowan and Johnson counties are some of the hardest hit areas.  Joanna King is executive director of the eastern Kentucky Red Cross Chapter.  She says aid goes beyond meeting physical needs.  "The Red Cross offers mental health counseling for people who are having a rough time with the situation that is going on," said King. "We have volunteers who are trained to assist with that as well." 

Emergency Response to Flash Flooding in Eastern Kentucky

Jul 14, 2015

Flash flooding is being blamed for at least one death in eastern Kentucky.  Rescue teams are continuing to search for a number of other people who are reported missing.  Communities in Rowan and Johnson counties were especially hard hit.  Buddy Rogers with Kentucky Emergency Management says there's been a lot of structural damage as well.  "Those communities within those counties have reported dozens, if not hundreds of homes effected," said Rogers. "Some totally destroyed, some washed away.  Several rescues and evacuations took place in both of those counties." 

Heavy Rains are No Drought Defender

Jul 13, 2015

Following consistent rainfall across the commonwealth, the Kentucky River is riding high. The river acts as a water supply for communities up and down the channel. Kentucky River Authority Director Jerry Graves says although the state is experiencing steady rainfall and the river is high, that doesn't equate to protection from drought.    "You know the Kentucky River can be up 15 foot one day and 10 days later, be down to a normal pool, sort of like a yo-yo," Graves said. "This has no effect on the long term as far as drought is concerned." 

'42nd Street' Now in Downtown Lexington

Jul 13, 2015


A downtown Lexington street is undergoing a temporary name change.  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray unveiled the new name Monday.

A new theater production company is bringing the musical "42nd Street" to Lexington's Opera House.  So, in honor of the theatrical offering by the Lexington Theater Company, a block of Short Street has been renamed to read '42nd Street'. 

Richard Turner

As the annual observance of Ramadan draws to a close, on this week’s show, we’ll focus on the basics of Islam.  This is an encore of a show that originally aired July 31, 2014. 

Last week we aired a comment from Mona, concerned that we were canceling The Dinner Party Download.  I wrote to her explaining the new Friday evening schedule and here’s part of her response, “As you surmised, I discovered (to my delight) on Friday evening that Dinner Party Download had simply been shuffled in the day's schedule -- it is such a great way to kick off the weekend!"

UPDATED 3:37 PM A federal judge has delayed a decision on whether a local official can use her religious beliefs to justify not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


The cell phone tower landscape in Fayette County could undergo changes in the years ahead. Prior to their summer break, Lexington council members got an update on new cell tower applications requirements. 

Setting Priorities for the 2016 Kentucky General Assembly Session

Jul 12, 2015

In less than six months, state lawmakers are scheduled to return to Frankfort. At that time, there will be a slew of issues to wrestle with, but few are likely to be broadly adopted by a divided legislature.  Lexington Representative Ruth Ann Palumbo thinks state pensions passes that litmus test.  Palumbo said lawmakers need to be willing to negotiate and put everything on the table."  She added, "because for Kentuckians, that matters.  That's an important issue."

Republican leaders in Kentucky are still figuring out whether a presidential caucus next year is feasible.

State officials won’t disclose the names or locations of Kentucky grocery stores accused of fraud in the Women, Infants and Children food assistance program.

Kentucky taxpayers got good news and bad news on Friday on the state's budget.

A Kentucky county clerk said the state's Democratic governor told him he should either issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or resign from office.

Army Cuts 363 Soldiers from Fort Campbell

Jul 9, 2015
Ft. Campbell photo

The U.S. Army has announced the details of its plan to cut 40,000 troops over the next two years and it calls for Fort Campbell’s personnel to be reduced by 363 soldiers - far less than some thought. / Alpha Natural Resources Inc.

Coal producer Alpha Natural Resources Inc. has told 292 workers in Kentucky and Virginia they are losing their jobs.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says he will not call a special legislative session to address county clerks who have refused to issue marriage licenses since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.


The minimum wage debate will once again be before Lexington city leaders. The Lexington council Tuesday reversed a two week old committee decision.

Lexington city leaders are getting behind a new workforce training strategy.  It stems from new workforce boundaries set out by the state.  The future of workforce training in the Lexington area has been a priority issue at city hall for months.  A state audit revealed problems with the former program administered through the Bluegrass Area Development District.  A new board has been formed. Council member Richard Moloney says Lexington should be a key player.  "I'm for regional planning.  I'm for all that," Moloney said.

Retired Generals Say Keep School Lunch Program As-Is

Jul 7, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

A non-partisan group comprised of former military leaders says 73 percent of Kentucky's young people are too obese to serve in the armed forces.  The information is in a report from the nonpartisan national security organization Mission: Readiness.

A home visiting project to help families raise healthy children that used to serve only first-time parents has expanded to include those with more than one child.

Governor Continues Promoting Ky Economic Recovery

Jul 6, 2015

Governor Steve Beshear continues to talk about economic gains in the Commonwealth.  On Monday, he brought a symbol of that success to an event in Lexington.

The Family Foundation’s Kentucky chapter has established a legal defense fund for county clerks who refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Governor Steve Beshear believes in time, all 120 Kentucky counties will be issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.  Currently, there are a few county clerks refusing to issue marriage licenses.  The governor says it may take a few months before complete adherence to the Supreme Court ruling occurs.  "My feeling is we've got a constitutional duty to follow the law, regardless of your personal beliefs and that's tough for some people, I understand that.  But, really, that's my attitude on it, but I think it will work itself out," said Beshear.