Bevin Rescinds Voting Rights to Ex-Felons, Changes Kentucky Marriage Licenses

Dec 22, 2015

Gov. Matt Bevin issued five high-profile executive orders on Tuesday on issues ranging from same-sex marriage licenses to voting rights for ex-felons.

“Today, I took action to uphold several commitments I made during my campaign so that we can implement real solutions that will help the people of Kentucky,” said Bevin said in a press release.

Kentuckians Among Likely ‘History-Making’ Travelers

Dec 22, 2015

Many Kentuckians will travel sometime this week and the vast majority will go by car.  Daniel Wheeler, AAA of the Bluegrass Spokesman, says they will likely be part of a history-making crowd.  “AAA projects the number of year-end holiday travelers will top a hundred million for the first time on record,” Wheeler said. “And nearly one in three Americans will take a trip this holiday season with a hundred point five million expected to journey 50 miles or more from home.”

EKU Men Lose-EKU Women Win-WKU Takes Bowl

Dec 22, 2015

    The Eastern Kentucky University Colonels have found playing on the road a tough task so far this season.  The men’s team fell to one and six away from home following an 84 to 59 loss to West Virginia Monday Night.  It was a better day for the EKU women’s team and the Western Kentucky football team.

EKU led early in its game with the mountaineers of the Big 12 conference.  But, a 40 to eight run for West Virginia to close out the first half was something Eastern could never recover from in the second half.

Louisville Metro Public Health can provide new syringes to people regardless of whether used syringes are exchanged, according to the state Attorney General’s Office.

Louisville’s health department is operating what’s called a needs-based negotiation model, which provides multiple clean syringes regardless of whether participants bring in dirty ones.

The opinion issued Monday was requested by Senate President Robert Stivers,  a Republican from Manchester.

Paul Argues With Polling, Remains Optimistic on Presidential Bid

Dec 21, 2015

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul believes his presidential bid will “exceed expectations.” Speaking in Bowling Green Monday, Paul discredited polling that shows him trailing badly for the Republican nomination.

"We think that a lot of young people are not included in polls, college students and younger people with cell phones, and we think that's where our great strength is," Paul told WKU Public Radio.  "We also think we do better with independents than any other candidates, and independents are allowed to vote in the caucus in Iowa and the primary in New Hampshire."

From the WEKU Listener Comment Line, “It has made me laugh and it has made me cry.”  This listener, choosing to remain anonymous, says The Moth Radio Hour is “the most wonderful radio show” he’s ever listened to. “Hopefully, one day you can extend it longer than an hour because an hour is just not enough. I really, really like it,” he says.”

Budgeting Comes into Play During Holidays

Dec 21, 2015

Keeping a household budget is a good suggestion any time of year, but the holidays might be considered a priority time to gauge spending.   Transylvania University Economics Professor Geoff  Williams says with more activities on the calendar during the holidays, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.  “Kind of thinking through the whole season might be helpful, too, Williams said.  “Like, who am I gonna see? What are the parties, what will happen? Who do I need to give gifts for?  If you look ahead, you can maybe sort of think about what the whole picture is gonna look like.”

Depression Comes with Holiday Season for Some

Dec 21, 2015

    This time of year prompts all kinds of feelings for people, including depression.  A University of Kentucky psychiatrist says help comes through reaching out to family and friends.

Dr. Teresa Geveden says the first holiday following the loss of a loved one can bring about sadness.  The director of UK’s Outpatient Services for Psychiatry says people experiencing these emotions need not feel like this is unusual.  “I think it’s very important to recognize those feelings and to acknowledge them, they’re normal," she said. "They’re a part of who we are." 

Red Mile Entertainment Center Offers New Form of Gambling

Dec 18, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

   A new type of gambling is now a part of the Lexington community.  It’s called instant racing and it takes place at the $42 million Red Mile Entertainment Center.  Doors opened three months ago. 

Inside the Red Mile Entertainment Center, there are lots of flashing lights and various sounds emitting from the 900 plus Instant Racing terminals. The machines sit side by side, grouped closely together throughout the facility, much like a traditional casino.  



Officials with the Georgetown Toyota plant are expecting next year’s production to be on par with this year’s efforts.  That includes taking on some additional responsibilities mid-year.

WKU Women Top EKU in Re-Newed Rivalry

Dec 16, 2015
EKU Athletics


The renewed in-state rivalry between Eastern Kentucky University and Western Kentucky University has resulted in victories for the Hilltoppers in both men’s and women’s basketball.  The Lady Tops bested the Lady Colonels last night in Bowling Green 76 to 60.

It was a game in which EKU battled back to come from behind, but not far enough.  The Lady Colonels got within two at ten to eight, but then Western scored ten straight points and lead by 14 at the half.  In the second half, EKU kept coming, but couldn’t draw closer than ten points behind. 

Noah Day

  During 2015, Kentuckians elected and inaugurated a new governor.

The Commonwealth stood at "ground zero" during a struggle over the implementation of same-sex marriage.

Our nation's response to terrorism and the 2016 presidential race dominated national news.

Lexington Group Sends Care Packages To Troops

Dec 16, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

The Lexington based non-profit Military Missions this year is sending out about the same number of care packages as last holiday season.  More than 500 packages have already gone out to military men and women stationed all over the globe.  Volunteer Royce Hall says the need to show care and concern never goes away.  “There may not be as much ground fighting, direct ground fighting as we have had in the past but we still have many many troops overseas that are in places where they’re constantly on alert,” said Hall.

Gov. Matt Bevin’s newly appointed commissioner of revenue left his last job, at Lexmark International, after the Lexington-based technology company found a host of accounting errors and declared its internal financial controls to be deficient and in need of remediation.

Bevin named Daniel Bork to the Department of Revenue job on Monday. In a news release, Bevin’s office said Bork “recently retired” as Lexmark’s vice president of tax, a job he had held since 2001. Bork’s LinkedIn profile says he worked there until September.

Lexington to Launch Homeless ‘Street Outreach’ Program

Dec 15, 2015

    Plans are being developed for a ‘street outreach’ program in Lexington.  It will focus on direct contact with the hard to reach homeless population.

IRS Phone Scams Rank First Nationally and in Kentucky

Dec 15, 2015

Many Kentuckians this year have reported receiving phone calls from con artists pretending to be from the Internal Revenue Service. The national Better Business Bureau Council launched the ‘Scam Tracker’ program earlier this year. One of the most popular cons is from scammers who call people on the phone and tell them they owe back taxes.  Heather Clary with the Central and Eastern Kentucky BBB Chapter says similar activity is seen in her office.  “We receive several calls every day, maybe ten or twelve from consumers reporting this scam," she said.

Kentucky Legislative Research Commission

bill pre-filed in the General Assembly would declare Kentucky a “sanctuary state” for people and companies who don’t want to follow federal environmental laws that will restrict carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

Monday Is Busiest Mailing Day of Year In Kentucky

Dec 14, 2015

    As usual, this time of year is a busy one for mail carriers of all types.  The contents of packages have undergone a bit of a transformation.

Although Christmas is almost two weeks away, the start of this week signals the heaviest mail day of the year.  For decades it was greeting cards which filled up mail bags and trucks.  David Walton with the U.S. Postal Service in Kentucky says now it’s more often boxes.  “Even though the internet has actually caused a bit of a dent in our letter mail volume, it’s actually caused a package volume to go up,” said Walton.

From David  in Danville,   “I am a long-time loyal listener of WEKU, and now that I am retired, my preferred listening device is my Android tablet.  I have noticed in recent months that the volume of the webcast has gotten lower and lower.  Even when I have turned up my tablet volume all the way, it is barely audible more than 2 feet away.  (I have switched to fellow KY station WFPL a few times and they are louder, so it's not my device.)

Sara Day Evans of Midway is the founding director of Accelerating Appalachia, described on its website as a “nature-based” business accelerator. The idea is to support the growth of entrepreneurialism in areas like eastern Kentucky where the decline of coal mining and related businesses has cost middle class jobs and driven young talent out of the region in search of better opportunities.


State officials hope new federal funding will help reach foster children with emotional and behavioral issues.  The aim is to catch mental health issues early on.

After Another Loss, House Democrats Look to Protect Majority

Dec 11, 2015

In appointing Democratic Rep. John Tilley as secretary of the Justice and Public Protection Cabinet, Gov. Matt Bevin simultaneously gained a knowledgeable mind in his cabinet and delivered a surgical strike at Democrats.

Tilley was of one of the Democrats’ most influential policymakers in the state House.

The move on Thursday also reduces Democrats’ House majority for the upcoming legislative session to 52 of 97 seats. A total of three seats will soon be empty.

Second Surge of Deer Along Kentucky Roads Anticipated This Month

Dec 11, 2015

Mid-December is regarded as the second wave of increased deer activity.  Mark Marraccini with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife says it’s referred to as the “second rut” for deer that weren’t bred in November.  He says the Commonwealth is recognized nationally for its deer population.  “It’s ranked number one in the country, both in quality and numbers and many outdoor magazines, national magazines have said Kentucky is the number one place to go deer hunting,” said Marraccini.

ITN-Bluegrass To Reach Milestone Ride

Dec 11, 2015

The Bluegrass chapter of the Independent Transportation Network is expected to reach a milestone Friday morning.  The non-profit will complete its 50,000th ride in Fayette County.

ITN-Bluegrass is a charitable service for people aged 60 and over, and adults with visual impairment. Executive Director Laura Dake says the membership service began in 2008 during a difficult economic period.  “We started unofficially the month that gas prices were $4.15 a gallon and then our first official ride was the month the stock market crashed,” said Dake.

New EKU Football Coach Praises Colonel Program

Dec 10, 2015

Eastern Kentucky University’s new football coach is expressing appreciation for what he calls a ‘storied program.’  Former University of Tennessee tight ends coach and special teams coordinator Mark Elder was introduced Thursday afternoon on the Richmond campus.  “I am humbled to walk the same path as some unbelievable coaches that have been here at Eastern Kentucky before,” said Elder.

Council Members Updated on CentrePointe and City Hall Issues

Dec 10, 2015

Lexington Attorney Mason Miller says investors of the CentrePointe commercial development project say they are making progress.  Miller says they have met with construction companies and architects.  He responded to a few questions about CenterPointe this week during the Lexington council meeting.  Council Member Richard Moloney asked if building a new city hall in the nearby dug out block is still being discussed.  “Are we still the main tenant to make this project work for them? Asked Moloney.  “We’re the main tenant they would like to see in the project,” said Miller.

EKU Falls to UK in Rupp

Dec 9, 2015

Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky met for the 12th time on the basketball court last night.  And, for the 12th time, the Wildcats came out the victor.

UK jumped out to a sizeable 12 to 2 lead early in the game.  Eastern fought back to close within one at just under 14 minutes in the first half before trailing by 14 at the break.  The Colonels would whittle the Wildcat lead down to six in the second half but a big burst of scoring by Kentucky down the stretch made the final score 88 to 67. 

Lexington Council Investigates Changing Local Helicopter Law

Dec 9, 2015

A proposal to expand private helicopter landings in Fayette County is moving through the city council.  Council member Russ Hensley says the new regulation would allow one landing per day, per month, instead of three landings a month.  “It’s not gonna start raining helicopters by adjusting this to let it properly function,” said Hensley.

Noah Day

More than half our nation's governors, including Kentucky's new chief executive, oppose allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. 

On this week's show, we'll discuss the pros and cons of such a position and learn more about the refugee experience.

Guests scheduled: Dr. Minh Nguyen, professor of Philosophy and Director of Asian Studies at Eastern Kentucky University; Anne Marie Vaughn Grisanti, Community Relations and Media Coordinator for Kentucky Refugee Ministries.

EKU and UK Meet in Rupp Tonight

Dec 9, 2015


Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky will meet on the basketball court tonight.  It’s the 12th meeting for the Colonels and the Wildcats. UK comes into the game again as a heavy favorite.

EKU travels to Rupp Arena sporting a seven and two record.  UK is seven and one, coming off a ten point loss to UCLA.  The Colonels are ranked sixth nationally in scoring offense and in field goal percentage.  The Wildcats, with another strong freshman class, were ranked first nationally before losing last week.