epa http://weku.fm en Focus on Business: Fixing Lexington's Sewer Problems http://weku.fm/post/focus-business-fixing-lexingtons-sewer-problems <p>For years, hard rains in Lexington have caused sanitary and storm water sewer systems to overflow into streams and even homes.</p><p>These illegal “Sanitary Sewer Overflows,” are the basis of a 2006 lawsuit filed against the city by the Environmental Protection Agency and the state of Kentucky. A 2011 Consent Decree gives Lexington 10 years to fix the problem.&nbsp;</p><p>The agreement requires the city to establish a Capacity Assurance Program (CAP). It was developed by a seven-member task force that produced 19 recommendations for a plan submitted early this year to the EPA.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 11 Nov 2013 16:19:58 +0000 John Hingsbergen 51704 at http://weku.fm