Jacalyn Carfagno, WEKU News http://weku.fm en Track Tech: Not Missing the Boat, Again http://weku.fm/post/track-tech-not-missing-boat-again <p><em>During the Triple Crown events, thoroughbred horse racing commands a national audience. But three Saturdays a year can&rsquo;t support an industry that was once the most popular sport in America. &nbsp;WEKU&rsquo;s Jacalyn Carfagno tells us how racing hopes to regain its audience.</em></p><p> Tue, 01 May 2012 04:01:00 +0000 Jacalyn Carfagno, WEKU News 25457 at http://weku.fm Track Tech: Not Missing the Boat, Again Grown by Kentuckians, Sold to Kentuckians http://weku.fm/post/grown-kentuckians-sold-kentuckians <p>In Kentucky alone, the number of registered farmers markets grew from 96 in 2004 to about 150 last year. That doesn&#39;t count roadside stands or local produce sold in supermarkets.&nbsp; Other farmers sell a portion of their crop to local consumers even before a seed is planted.&nbsp; Such business models represent a big shift away from the mass production emphasized on most American farms since World War Two.</p><p> Thu, 22 Mar 2012 09:00:00 +0000 Jacalyn Carfagno, WEKU News 23532 at http://weku.fm Grown by Kentuckians, Sold to Kentuckians New Business Model for Solar Energy http://weku.fm/post/new-business-model-solar-energy <p>In December, billionaire Warren Buffet made his first move into solar power, buying one of the world&#39;s largest solar farms, which is in California. Market watchers wondered if this was a sign that solar was coming of age, that it was no longer a &quot;feel good&quot; nod to environmental correctness but a sensible investment.&nbsp;Still, California isn&#39;t Kentucky and Buffet is hardly an average ratepayer. So, we looked at how solar was faring in the Commonwealth.</p><p> Wed, 04 Jan 2012 11:00:00 +0000 Jacalyn Carfagno, WEKU News 19039 at http://weku.fm New Business Model for Solar Energy Breeders Adapt to New Market Realities http://weku.fm/post/breeders-adapt-new-market-realities <p>When the final hammer went down at <a href="http://www.keeneland.com/sales/Lists/Copy/history.aspx">Keeneland&#39;s September yearling sale</a>, almost 3,000 horses had sold, 500 fewer than last year.&nbsp; However, they sold for over $233-million, which represents an increase of almost 13%.&nbsp; Plus, the average value of each horse was up 18%.&nbsp;<em>&quot;I&#39;ve farmed 45 years. We raise tobacco and horse operation. We grow our own hay, our own bedding. We board horses and my brother and I have horses together. We&#39;re farmers that love horses,&rdquo; said horse breeder Frank Penn.</em></p><p> Fri, 07 Oct 2011 10:50:00 +0000 Jacalyn Carfagno, WEKU News 13845 at http://weku.fm Breeders Adapt to New Market Realities Fairness Ordinance Hits Rural Wall http://weku.fm/post/fairness-ordinance-hits-rural-wall <p>In part one WEKU&nbsp;reported on the experiences and challenges for young people growing up gay in Kentucky. In part two, she examines the complex and sometimes acrimonious debate over fairness ordinances.&nbsp; They&rsquo;re designed to protect Kentuckians from discrimination based on sexual preference or identity.</p><p> Fri, 02 Sep 2011 10:33:00 +0000 Jacalyn Carfagno, WEKU News 11681 at http://weku.fm Fairness Ordinance Hits Rural Wall Growing up Gay in Rural Kentucky http://weku.fm/post/growing-gay-rural-kentucky <p>Novelists and psychologists describe the teen years as a tumultuous time of self-discovery. The stress can be even greater for young people who are gay or uncertain about their sexual identity.&nbsp;</p><p> Thu, 01 Sep 2011 10:35:00 +0000 Jacalyn Carfagno, WEKU News 11576 at http://weku.fm Growing up Gay in Rural Kentucky Fighting Suburban Sprawl in Rural KY http://weku.fm/post/fighting-suburban-sprawl-rural-ky <p>The fastest growing areas in Kentucky are just outside cities. Trouble is, as population grows so does pressure to fill up those open spaces. It&rsquo;s a tough balancing act. WEKU&rsquo;s Jacalyn Carfagno reports.</p><p> Tue, 12 Jul 2011 10:30:00 +0000 Jacalyn Carfagno, WEKU News 8172 at http://weku.fm