Pam Cassady, Bowling Green Daily News en Pontiac Show in Bowling Green <p><a href="">For many years, tales of the existence</a> of a 1959 Pontiac El Catalina were the stuff of legend. Rumor had it that Pontiac had built two of these prototype sedan pickups, and one was in the hands of a collector. The vehicle hadn&rsquo;t been seen in public in years, but that changed this week when it was on display at the Pontiac-Oakland Club International Convention at Bowling Green&#39;s Sloan Convention Center. Fri, 08 Jul 2011 17:37:55 +0000 Pam Cassady, Bowling Green Daily News 8169 at Pontiac Show in Bowling Green Firework Sales Spark Complaints <p><a href=" ">The sign beside the large white tent on Scottsville Road </a>in Bowling Green says it all - &ldquo;All fireworks now legal.&rdquo; But Clint Lowrie of Franklin, manager of Fireworks Supermarket, said many people who walk in still ask if it is legal to buy the larger fireworks. The answer is yes, thanks to a state bill signed into law in March. &ldquo;People are just relieved to not spend the money on gas to go to Tennessee,&rdquo; Lowrie said, referring to the common practice of Kentuckians crossing the state line to buy fireworks they couldn&rsquo;t buy here. Tue, 28 Jun 2011 17:43:35 +0000 Pam Cassady, Bowling Green Daily News 7526 at Firework Sales Spark Complaints