Derek Aaron, Times Journal en Is Russell County Going Hog Wild? <p><a href="">Last month, Charles Emerson ran across some uninvited guests</a> on his property in Russell Springs while feeding his horses. Several wild hogs came up out of the woods toward him and Emerson, armed with a pistol he sometimes carries, gunned down the two feral swine, about 250 pounds and 200 pounds respectively. Chad Soard, a wildlife biologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife in Frankfort, said the fact that free-ranging wild pigs exist was bad for Kentucky. Wed, 05 Oct 2011 16:54:01 +0000 Derek Aaron, Times Journal 13742 at Wolf Creek Dam Repairs Half Complete <p><a href=";id=1310650781&amp;archive=&amp;start_from=&amp;ucat=3&amp;">The $584 million foundation remediation</a> project at Wolf Creek Dam is now more than halfway complete, according to David Hendrix, the Nashville Corps of Engineers project manager, and at 55 percent is still slated for a December 2013 finish. That word came late last week after the Corps invited several media outlets from Russell and surrounding counties as well as a TV news crew from Nashville to take a tour and view work progress on the giant structure.&nbsp;</p><p> Fri, 15 Jul 2011 14:19:14 +0000 Derek Aaron, Times Journal 8650 at Lake Cumberland Exceeds Desired Depth <p><a href=";id=1307718118&amp;archive=&amp;start_from=&amp;ucat=3&amp;">While the past few days</a> have been hot and humid the Lake Cumberland area has had a wet spring overall, causing the lake level to rise over 720 feet above sea level, 40-plus feet more than what the Corps of Engineers would like while work continues on Wolf Creek Dam. The Corps is currently drawing the level down about a foot a day. Fri, 10 Jun 2011 18:48:17 +0000 Derek Aaron, Times Journal 6128 at