Graham Shelby, Kentucky Public Radio en Thinker, Poet, Editor, KY <p>The new book &ldquo;Bigger Than They Appear&rdquo; is the latest offering from a woman who&rsquo;s quickly becoming a force in the world of Kentucky writers. Katerina Stoykova Klemer edited &ldquo;Bigger Than They Appear,&rdquo; which is an anthology of very short poems. She also published it through her own press&hellip;Accents Publishing. Klemer founded Accents two years ago. She&rsquo;s published 21 titles, mostly poetry, working with authors from Kentucky as well as her native Bulgaria. Klemer spoke with Kentucky Public Radio&rsquo;s Graham Shelby and said she has always been a writer.</p><p> Mon, 13 Feb 2012 11:30:00 +0000 Graham Shelby, Kentucky Public Radio 21239 at Thinker, Poet, Editor, KY Shakespeare Behind Bars Stages "Romeo and Juliet" <p>The Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in Oldham County is home to about 1100 felons and one unusual theatre company. It&rsquo;s an all-inmate ensemble called <a href="">Shakespeare Behind Bars</a>. For sixteen years, the group has staged full productions of plays like <em>Hamlet </em>and <em>Macbeth </em>and Julius Casear.<em> </em>Each year, they do a series of performances, some for other inmates and some for the public. Mon, 05 Dec 2011 15:12:07 +0000 Graham Shelby, Kentucky Public Radio 17424 at Shakespeare Behind Bars Stages "Romeo and Juliet" Actors Theatre of Louisville Presents A Christmas Story <p>In Actors Theatre of Louisville&rsquo;s new production of A Christmas Story, it&rsquo;s striking how distinctly the emotions of the characters resonate, while at the same time, the world those characters inhabit feels fundamentally different from the world outside the theatre. Sun, 20 Nov 2011 19:47:54 +0000 Graham Shelby, Kentucky Public Radio 16602 at Success for Louisville's Writer's Block Festival <p>About 250 writers and book lovers attended the inaugural Writer&rsquo;s Block Festival held over the weekend in Louisville.&nbsp; Centered in the NuLu District of East Market Street, the festival combined writing workshops with readings and panel discussions on the screenwriting, the publishing business and other subjects. Sessions with limited enrollment filled up or sold out and some open sessions that didn&rsquo;t require registration were standing room only. Mon, 17 Oct 2011 14:29:38 +0000 Graham Shelby, Kentucky Public Radio 14446 at Actors Theatre’s "Dracula" Fights Vampire Hunters <p>Don&rsquo;t be fooled by the script in Actors Theatre of Louisville&rsquo;s production of Dracula; it would have you believe that Count Dracula&rsquo;s enemy is the vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing.&nbsp;But that&rsquo;s a bloody lie.&nbsp;Van Helsing may be the nemesis of Dracula, the character, but Dracula, the play, has a rogues gallery all its own. There&rsquo;s Edward Cullen, the vampire-in-love from the Twilight series. Don&rsquo;t forget Blacula. Or Sesame Street&rsquo;s Count Von Count, or any of the thousands of other incarnations of the vampire that the play&rsquo;s audience has seen and may be thinking of as they take their seats and wait for the lights to go down.</p><p> Wed, 21 Sep 2011 12:31:58 +0000 Graham Shelby, Kentucky Public Radio 12847 at Kentuckians Prepare for Japanese Teaching <p>The March earthquake and tsunami in Japan devastated parts of that country and shook the economy around the world. It did not, however, shake the resolve of several Kentuckians who are headed to Japan this weekend to start new jobs. The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program hires English-speaking college graduates to teach in Japanese public schools. Adrienne Ledbetter is from Bowling Green and is headed to a city near Mt. Fuji that recently faced a food crisis after authorities found radiation-tainted beef. Mon, 01 Aug 2011 10:59:28 +0000 Graham Shelby, Kentucky Public Radio 9671 at Stolen Art, Fundraising at Speed Museum <p>A stolen Italian painting that&rsquo;s been in the Speed Museum&rsquo;s collection for nearly 40 years is now on display in Louisville for the last time. The Speed purchased the piece in 1973 for $38,000, and museum officials didn&rsquo;t know it was stolen until a few months ago. The Speed worked with the U.S. and Italian governments to organize the art&rsquo;s return. But before the painting is sent back to Italy it will be on display at the Speed through July 3rd. Fri, 10 Jun 2011 15:41:25 +0000 & Graham Shelby, Kentucky Public Radio 6103 at Deadline Set as Musicians Respond <p>The dispute between the Louisville Orchestra and its musicians has reached a crucial stage. At a hearing Tuesday morning in bankruptcy court, a federal judge set a deadline of June 13th for the musicians to submit objections to the financial disclosure statement filed on Monday by Louisville Orchestra, Inc. The statement outlines how the orchestra will pay off its debts and structure its business to continue operating in the black. Tue, 31 May 2011 22:53:53 +0000 Graham Shelby, Kentucky Public Radio 5195 at Orchestra Submits Bankruptcy Plan <p>The Louisville Orchestra has taken the next step in the Chapter 11 process. On Monday, the Orchestra filed a disclosure statement and a reorganization plan for how it might emerge from bankruptcy and keep on playing. At a hearing this morning in court, a federal judge set a hearing date of June 28<sup>th</sup> to review the disclosure statement, which is essentially a cataloguing of the orchestra&rsquo;s finances and outstanding debts. Tue, 31 May 2011 17:15:29 +0000 Graham Shelby, Kentucky Public Radio 5144 at