Malorie Bilger, The Spencer Magnet en Good Review for Spenser Dispatch Services <p><a href="">More than a year has passed since Spencer County&#39;s </a>911 emergency dispatching service was transferred from a county-operated office above the sheriff&rsquo;s department to the Kentucky State Police Post in Frankfort. Although some emergency service directors have identified minor problems with the service, the general consensus among local agencies is that the transition was mostly positive. And, according to KSP, the move saved Spencer County more than $93,000 in the first year. Wed, 31 Aug 2011 17:46:01 +0000 Malorie Bilger, The Spencer Magnet 11602 at Rain Dampens Hope for Crops <p>Spencer County farmers are getting a bit nervous as last month went down in the history books as Kentucky&rsquo;s wettest on record, hindering crop and vegetable planting.&nbsp; Spencer County Agricultural Extension Agent Bryce Roberts said that although the situation hasn&rsquo;t reached emergency status, the next couple of weeks could determine whether or not local farmers can plant crops that are in high global demand, such as corn and soybeans. Wed, 18 May 2011 14:42:43 +0000 Malorie Bilger, The Spencer Magnet 4085 at