Will Shortz http://weku.fm en This Changes Everything! http://weku.fm/post/changes-everything <strong>On-Air Challenge:</strong> Given a sentence, change one letter in one word to make a new word which completely reverses the meaning of the sentence. For example, given "The singer is not coming on stage." Changing the "T" in not to a "W" in the word "not" makes the sentence, "The singer is now coming on stage."<p><strong>Last </strong><strong>Week's Challenge From Listener Eli Blake of Joseph City, Ariz.: </strong>Take the names of two state capitals. Change one letter in each one, resulting in a phrase naming someone you will see soon on TV. Who is it? Sun, 10 Jun 2012 10:13:00 +0000 Will Shortz 27825 at http://weku.fm This Changes Everything! A Word Game In Rare Form http://weku.fm/post/word-game-rare-form <strong>On-Air Challenge:</strong> The four rarest letters in the alphabet are J, Q, X and Z. You are given a familiar word and must change one letter in it to a J, Q, X or Z to get another familiar word. For example, given the clue "enact," the answer would be "exact."<p><strong>Last Week's Challenge: </strong>This Hat Rack Puzzle by Sam Loyd was published 100 years ago in <em>Woman's Home Companion</em>: A hat room contains a wall with 49 pegs, arranged in a 7-by-7 square. The hat clerk has 20 hats that are to be hung on 20 different pegs. Sat, 18 Jun 2011 23:38:00 +0000 Will Shortz 6850 at http://weku.fm Your Goose Is Cooked http://weku.fm/post/your-goose-cooked <strong>On-Air Challenge:</strong> Every answer is a compound word or familiar two-word phrase, in which the first word has a long O for its vowel sound and the second word has a long U. For example, given the clue "a traditional Christmas entrée," the answer would be "goose."<p><strong>Last Week's Challenge:</strong> Think of two five-letter words that are exact opposites, in which the first two letters of each word are the same as the first two letters of the other, only reversed. Hint: The fourth letter of each word is A. Sat, 04 Jun 2011 23:34:00 +0000 Will Shortz 5603 at http://weku.fm Moms Are DownRight Excellent http://weku.fm/post/moms-are-downright-excellent <strong>On-Air Challenge:</strong> In honor of Mother's Day, come up with items in each of the given categories that start with the letters of the word "Madre." For example, for the category "3-letter boys' names," the answer would include Moe, Art, Don, Ray and Eli.<p><strong>Last Week's Challenge:</strong> From listener Dave Taub of Eugene, Ore.: Take the name of a well-known U.S. university. One of the letters in it is a chemical symbol. Change this to a two-letter chemical symbol to name another well-known U.S. university. Sat, 07 May 2011 19:13:00 +0000 Will Shortz 3155 at http://weku.fm Where It's At http://weku.fm/post/where-its <strong>On-Air Challenge:</strong> Every answer is a familiar two-word phrase with AT in the middle. The letter A ends the first word of the phrase, and the letter T begins the second word. For the clue, "trying out of something while changes are still being made," the answer would be "beta test."<p><strong>Last Week's Challenge:</strong> Think of a familiar three-word phrase in the form "___ and ___". If you remove the "and" and put the second word in front of the first word, you get a compound word naming a place of power. Hint: The compound word has nine letters. Sat, 30 Apr 2011 22:11:00 +0000 Will Shortz 2645 at http://weku.fm The Name Game http://weku.fm/post/name-game <strong>On-Air Challenge:</strong> You are given the first names of famous people and must figure out their last names. The last two letters of the first name, when reversed, are the first two letters of the last name. For example, given "Brad," the answer would be "Davis," as in Brad Davis, the actor.<p><strong>Last Week's Challenge:</strong> From listener Steve Baggish of Littleton, Mass.: Think of a nine-letter word naming a venue for certain sports. Three letters in the word are repeated. Sat, 23 Apr 2011 23:24:00 +0000 Will Shortz 2117 at http://weku.fm A Step In The Right Direction http://weku.fm/post/step-right-direction <strong>On-Air Challenge:</strong> Every answer is the name of a famous person. The first and second letters of the person's last name are the third and second letters of the first name. For example, given the first name "Harold," the answer would be "Ramis" (the actor, screenwriter and director).<p><strong>Last Week's Challenge:</strong> From Ed Pegg Jr., who runs the website MathPuzzle.com: Take the phrase "consumer protection laws," and rearrange the letters to name a person in broadcasting and an issue of public debate. Sat, 26 Mar 2011 23:41:00 +0000 Will Shortz 378 at http://weku.fm