LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger en Head Injury Bill Receives House Support <p><a href="">State House lawmakers,</a> in a rare show of unity, unanimously approved a bill requiring high school and middle school coaches to obtain more training to recognize and treat concussions and other head injuries. Rep. Ben Waide, a Madisonville Republican, said new medical information has surfaced within the past two years pointing to the dangers of head injuries. Sun, 05 Feb 2012 17:48:42 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 20852 at Whitfield Seeking Another Term <p>U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield is seeking election to a ninth term in Congress, listing his top priorities as addressing the federal debt, creation of jobs and protecting national security.&nbsp; Not only is the nation facing many challenges, Americans are frustrated and upset, Whitfield said Wednesday night at Madisonville City Hall, speaking to approximately 30 people attending his re-election announcement. Thu, 12 Jan 2012 15:44:35 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 19629 at Tribute to Former State Legislator <p><a href="">Whenever Eddie Ballard&rsquo;s brown van</a> rolled past, his friends knew he was likely doing community service work. Ballard&rsquo;s passion for public service started long before he began his 24-year run as a state representative in 1987. More than 400 people gathered at the Ballard Convention Center on Tuesday night to pay tribute to the retired lawmaker, who died on May 31 at age 81. They came from all walks of life and represented both sides of the political aisle. Thu, 20 Oct 2011 18:44:40 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 14713 at Living the History of Martin Luther King Jr. <p><a href="">When the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial</a> was dedicated in Washington, D.C., Sunday, Michael Lowery planned to be glued to his television set. As a 13-year-old, the Madisonville resident participated in the March on Washington, culminating with King&rsquo;s &ldquo;I Have A Dream&rdquo; speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28, 1963. He has visited Washington frequently in recent years, watching the monument take shape from the ground up at the shores of the tidal basin between the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials. Mon, 17 Oct 2011 14:15:33 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 14441 at Farmers Hoping for Dry Conditions <p><a href="">Hopkins County farmers are chomping at the bit</a>, waiting for an extended stretch of sunny conditions before ramping up grain harvest to full speed. In a year filled with weather-related delays, the latest challenges are too many foggy mornings, overcast skies and showers over the past two weeks. &ldquo;The biggest problem right now is getting the grain to dry down,&rdquo; said Nebo farmer Roger Hayes, who was shelling corn Wednesday afternoon. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s down to 20 to 21 percent moisture content, and it seems like it&rsquo;s just sitting there. We&rsquo;re having to buy some pretty expensive gas to dry it.&rdquo; Fri, 30 Sep 2011 14:15:31 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 13444 at Farmers Hoping for Dry Conditions Lawmaker Opposes Proposed Sports Complex Loan <p><a href="">State Rep. Ben Waide won&rsquo;t provide legislative sponsorship </a>to allocate coal severance tax funds to pay off a proposed $3 million loan for the Hopkins County Sports Complex. The decision likely will delay development of the complex, which Fiscal Court hoped to open for use in 2013. &ldquo;It was tough because I think the project would be a very nice addition to our community,&rdquo; Waide said, &ldquo;but in the end I had to look at the economic impact and make a decision.&rdquo; The freshman lawmaker casts doubt on estimates that peg the project&rsquo;s annual economic impact at $1.5 million and discounts its potential to create jobs. Wed, 28 Sep 2011 14:16:03 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 13288 at Tornado Destroys Hopkins County Homes <p><a href="">Billy Petitt walked around with a blank,</a> empty look on his face, trying to comprehend nature&rsquo;s forces that wrapped his Hopkins County mobile home against a willow tree like a piece of chewing gum. As friends helped salvage his few remaining possessions Monday morning, the man from the White Plains community felt at a loss for words. He complained only of a sore back after being thrown from the trailer while asleep in bed Sunday night when an EF-2 tornado struck, packing winds that the National Weather Service says peaked at 120 mph.</p><p> Tue, 27 Sep 2011 14:38:07 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 13212 at Tornado Destroys Hopkins County Homes Hopkins Co. Grain Elevator Reopens <p><a href="">Calhoun and Perdue Grain are partnering to reopen</a> the old Peavey elevator in Hopkins County in time for the fall harvest season. This development will cut costs for many farmers, who were faced with trucking grain to elevators in Henderson and Hopkinsville. Alan Lutz, co-owner of Calhoun, said work is continuing this week to prepare the facility to begin accepting corn on Thursday. Wed, 14 Sep 2011 14:45:08 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 12425 at Hopkins Co. Grain Elevator Reopens Horse Owners, Caretaker Facing Charges <p><a href="">Animal cruelty charges are being filed against the owners and caretaker</a> of 13 horses that were removed from a Hopkins County property by court order last month. The animals were underfed and several had open sores, according to the county attorney. Wed, 07 Sep 2011 14:40:29 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 11969 at Farmers Rebound After Wet Spring <p><a href="">With a little cooperation from Mother Nature</a>, Hopkins County farmers could harvest corn and soybean crops that exceed early projections when soggy conditions disrupted spring planting. A lot depends on temperatures and rainfall this month, said George Kelley, Hopkins County agricultural extension agent. &ldquo;The next three to four weeks are critical,&rdquo; he said. Wed, 10 Aug 2011 13:35:11 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 10280 at Congressman Rescues Stray Dog <p><a href="">Congressional debt negotiations are difficult</a>. Stopping to help a stray dog along the highway is an easy choice for U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield. The veteran lawmaker rescued a dog along U.S. 41 between Hanson and Madisonville on Sunday afternoon. And it wasn&rsquo;t the first time that the congressman has rescued a stray dog on the highway. Tue, 09 Aug 2011 13:39:57 +0000 LaMar Bryan, Madisonville Messenger 10189 at