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Both Lexington’s city run baseball fields and Whitaker Bank Ballpark, home of the Lexington Legends, are now tobacco free.  The announcement came this morning at the ballpark facility off North Broadway. 

 Amy Barkley is with the statewide Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. “It just sort of reinforces what has already been happening in the minor leagues, which is the players are not allowed to use tobacco and now by making it clear that no-one in the entire facility is allowed to use tobacco, it continues that really positive role modeling that we need,” said Barkley.

Kentucky Lawmakers Send Budget And Tax Overhaul To Bevin

Apr 3, 2018
Stu Johnson

Kentucky’s Republican-led legislature has passed a new two-year state budget that cuts much of state government in order to put more money into the state’s ailing pension systems.






But lawmakers also approved about $680 million in new revenue by expanding the sales tax to 17 services ranging from auto repair to country club memberships and raising the tax on cigarettes.

Stu Johnson

Legislation to overhaul Kentucky’s foster care and adoption program has passed both houses of the general assembly.  Senate approval came Monday with a unanimous vote.  

Senate Acts on Taxes and Budget

Apr 3, 2018
Stu Johnson

Final votes on the state’s two year budget and a sizeable tax measure moved forward Monday in Frankfort. It came just before lawmakers break for ten days while the governor considers possible vetoes.

Teachers Descend On Kentucky Capitol To Protest Pension Changes

Apr 3, 2018
Stu Johnson

Thousands of teachers have packed into the State Capitol building in Frankfort to protest the Republican-led legislature’s passage of a bill overhauling the state’s pension systems last week.




The pension changes would no longer give conventional pensions to future teachers, instead providing them with cash-balance retirement plans that depend on the stock market but are guaranteed to not lose money.




An ethics panel will meet tomorrow to consider a case against four Republican lawmakers who signed a secret sexual harassment settlement. The hearing by the Legislative Ethics Commission is the result of a complaint filed by a Democratic lawmaker. 

Poor People's Campaign Stops in Kentucky, West Virginia

Apr 2, 2018

A national campaign that aims to unite disenfranchised populations across the U.S. held events in Kentucky and West Virginia late last week.  Meetings are part of a two-month tour designed to highlight social inequity, and build on a movement begun 50 years ago by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

UPDATE: Teachers Flood Capitol To Protest Pension

Apr 2, 2018


Thousands of Kentucky teachers have filled the streets near the state Capitol in Frankfort Monday to rally for education funding.

Teachers and other school employees gathered outside the Kentucky Education Association a couple of blocks from the Capitol chanting "Stop the war on public education" and holding or posting signs that say "We've Had Enough."


Republican leaders of the Kentucky legislature have unveiled a surprise overhaul of the state’s tax code on one of the last days of this year’s legislative session. 

The proposal is moving quickly toward final passage in the legislature and would be the first major change to the state’s tax code in nearly two decades. 

The bill establishes a flat income tax rate of 5 percent—currently Kentuckians are taxed at rates ranging from 2 percent to 6 percent, depending on income. 

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Billy Hobby’s days are largely filled by two things: church and pool.

“I play everyday, mostly,” Hobby said, sitting next to his wife, Barbara.

“Well, I enjoy watching him play,” Barbara Hobby said. “He’s got health problems, can’t go out of town and play all the time.”



Billy and Barbara were in Cadiz, Kentucky, about 20 miles from their home in Princeton so that the 86-year-old pool player could compete in a weekly tournament.

Trump Visits West Virginia Hints at Utility Bailout

Apr 5, 2018
Associate Press

President Donald Trump today visited West Virginia for a roundtable discussion on the recently-passed tax bill. The president also indicated the administration is looking closely at a recent emergency request made by regional electric utility FirstEnergy.  

Trump told a crowd in White Sulphur Springs he is looking closely at a request by the Ohio-based utility for emergency aid to keep its struggling coal and nuclear plants running.

Soy Vey! Ohio Valley Farmers Caught Up in Trade War

Apr 5, 2018
Nicole Erwin/ Ohio Valley ReSource


China buys more than half of the soybeans produced in the Ohio Valley. While a new 25 percent tariff is just a threat from the region's largest buyer, the signs of a trade war between President Trump’s tariff list and China’s has farmers caught in its crosshairs. This all comes as the US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue visits the region this week.

Each morning Davie Stevens wakes up to check commodities online, Wednesday morning was no different, except the market price of soybeans had dropped almost 40 cents.

“At a projected crop of 4.3 billions bushels of soybeans this year. Soybean farmers by overnight have lost 1.72 billion in value. So is it a big deal? It's a huge deal.”