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— Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin apologized Sunday for saying that children were sexually abused because they were left home alone while teachers rallied to ask lawmakers to override his vetoes.

The Republican issued his apology in a nearly four-minute video posted online, saying "it is not my intent to hurt anybody in this process, but to help us all move forward together."

Volunteers Bring Spring Cleaning to Kentucky

Apr 15, 2018
Mary Meehan


It turns out spring cleaning isn’t just for homes—it’s for entire regions of the commonwealth.

The non-profit group “Eastern Kentucky PRIDE” is holding its 20th annual Spring Cleanup this month.

An estimated more than 25,000 volunteers across 42 counties in eastern and southern Kentucky will clean up trash near homes, businesses, parks, and roadways.

PRIDE C.E.O. Tammie Wilson says more than 430,000 volunteers have participated in the Spring Cleanup over the past two decades.

Stu Johnson

The 2018 Kentucky General Assembly session ends today in an unusual Saturday session. The second to last day was a busy one.

The day began with a bit of deju vu as massive crowds of teachers inundated the capitol, lobbying for additional school funding. Lawmakers relatively quickly dispatched vetoes issued by Gov. Matt Bevin.  When the second to last day was done, House and Senate members had blocked Bevin’s vetoes on the budget, a tax bill and legislation to stretch pension payments for municipalities out over time.

KY Lawmakers Easily Override Governor's Veto

Apr 13, 2018


The Kentucky House of Representatives has overridden a veto from Gov. Matt Bevin to make it easier for some agencies to leave the state's troubled retirement system.

Mary Meehan



U.S. Congressman James Comer says the 2018 Farm Bill he helped introduce Thursday in the House agriculture committee is the most important piece of legislation to the agriculture industry. The bill increases work requirements for food-stamp benefits, preserves provisions for federal crop insurance and the conservation reserve program. Comer says the biggest change from the 2014 version is work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

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Kentucky’s local health departments are facing massive increases in pension costs starting in July. And this, many of them say, could cause them to have to lay off employees, cut back or even close public health programs as a result.

“This is a watershed moment for public health, it’s a tipping point, where we need to assess how we do business and look at every aspect of operations in local health departments and what can we do differently,” said Scott Lockard, the director of the Kentucky River District Health Department, which covers several eastern Kentucky counties.

Teachers Plan to Protest Again in Frankfort Friday

Apr 12, 2018

Teachers from across Kentucky are expected to converge on the state capitol again Friday/today as lawmakers return for the final days of the legislative session. Teachers are protesting pension cuts and encouraging lawmakers to override Gov. Bevin’s veto of the state budget. 

The statewide teachers union has called for lawmakers to override Gov. Matt Bevin’s vetoes of the two-year state budget and revenue bills, which set aside more funding for public education than Bevin’s proposed budget did. 

Stu Johnson

Professors, students, and staff at Eastern Kentucky University rallied in support of higher education Thursday in the heart of the Richmond campus.  

Stu Johnson

An array of Lexington officials is urging area residents to take dog bite prevention tips to heart.  It comes during a national observance of mail carrier related dog bite concerns.

Stu Johnson

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray is recommending $200,000 to fund the Fayette Mental Health Court over the next year.   It’s included in the budget he spelled out to council members Tuesday.


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Still from White House video.

“Why don’t you just fire the guy?”

The question came in a press availability with President Trump soon after he learned that federal agents, acting on information from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, had raided the offices of his personal lawyer, Robert Cohen.

The president visibly warmed to the question. Arms crossed, he answered, “Many people have said, ‘You should fire him.’”


President Trump’s recent rhetoric has raised speculation th

New Map Shows Explosion of Fluorinated Chemical Contamination

Apr 20, 2018


The non-profit Environmental Working Group and a team of environmental health researchers at Northeastern University in Boston developed the map, which tracks publicly-known contaminated sites reported from both EPA testing and state and local agencies.

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Billy Hobby’s days are largely filled by two things: church and pool.

“I play everyday, mostly,” Hobby said, sitting next to his wife, Barbara.

“Well, I enjoy watching him play,” Barbara Hobby said. “He’s got health problems, can’t go out of town and play all the time.”



Billy and Barbara were in Cadiz, Kentucky, about 20 miles from their home in Princeton so that the 86-year-old pool player could compete in a weekly tournament.