New Pension Bill Expected to Be Dropped This Week

Feb 14, 2018
Stu Johnson

Republican leaders of the state legislature say a new proposal to overhaul the state’s public retirement systems will be unveiled later this week.

The toll of winter-time freezing and thawing on area roads is making itself seen and felt throughout the Commonwealth.  Potholes are popping up along interstates and secondary roads at this time of year. 

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Public Affairs Director Naitore Djigbenou says it’s been an active season of freezing and thawing within the pavement. “This year has definitely been a harsher winter than the previous year, so anecdotally yes we’ve seen more potholes.  We’ll be able to know that conclusively at the end of our snow and ice season,” said Djigbenou.

Stu Johnson

Legislation to codify a current state regulation on how many retail alcohol sales outlets locate in a wet city or county is headed to the full senate.  The matter attracted much attention in the Senate Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations Committee.

Kentucky university leaders continue to remind lawmakers of the significance of their academic programs while hoping for some relief from significant budget cuts.  A veteran lawmaker believes some better funding news could come in the final budget. Kentucky university leaders continue to remind lawmakers of the significance of their academic programs while hoping for some relief from significant budget cuts.  A veteran lawmaker believes some better funding news could come in the final budget. 

Southeast Kentucky Communities Weigh Flood Damage

Feb 12, 2018

Citizens in nine southeast Kentucky counties are beginning to assess the impact of widespread weekend flooding.  Damage estimates may available by midweek.

Five inches of rain fell over a 24 hour period in portions of  Kentucky.  One of the harder hit counties was Harlan.  County Judge Dan Mosely estimates water got into more than ten homes.  He says residents of the Tremont community were affected. “Basically the tile that goes from a community to the river, the water couldn’t get out because the water was so high,” said Mosely  “And, it create like a dam affect.”

Mary Meehan

There is a fundamental disagreement over how radioactive waste at an Estill County landfill should be handled.  

Resident Mary Farmer spoke at Tuesday’s press conference at the Estill County Fair Grounds. She says Advanced Disposal knew it was placing citizens at risk by bringing the material into the county.  Farmer says the landfill operator should be responsible for taking it out.


As the country struggles through one of the worst flu seasons in a decade, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department is offering free flu shots as there have already been nearly 5,300 flu cases across the Commonwealth, including 102 deaths.

Health department spokesman Kevin Hall says although flu season peaks in February, cases pop up as late as April or May. So it’s not too late to minimize exposure.

Meeting Planned On Radioactive Dumping In Irvine

Feb 9, 2018
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A citizen's group will hold a public meeting Monday to discuss the proposal  from state environmental officials  for cleaning up radioactive waste dumped in an Estill County landfill in 2015. 

Members of Concerned Citizens of Estill County will explain their preferred methods of dealing with the waste at the Blue Ridge Landfill and answer questions.

Second Chance Employment

Feb 9, 2018

Join our new host, Tom Martin as he discusses the hardships of finding gainful employment for anyone with a criminal record, or disability, and the companies that are available to help in that process. With him in studio is David Boggs the President and CEO of O.W.L. (Opportunities for Work and Learning), and on the phone with Robert Perez, owner and operator of DV8 Kitchen in Lexington. 

This week on Eastern Standard, Second Chance Employment. Aired Thursday, 02-08-2018, rebroadcast Sunday , 02-11-2018.

Another weekly news conference on a proposed dollar increase in the state’s cigarette tax was held Thursday at the state capitol.  The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky has been sponsoring a series of events, designed to raise awareness about the tax proposal.  Speakers this week talked about the high percentage of people with mental illness who smoke.  

Ramona Johnson is CEO of Bridgehaven Mental Health Services in Louisville. “Helping them to break that addiction and stop smoking then gives them some disposable income that they’ve not had before,” said Johnson.


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RAHUL GUPTA: If you have heart disease or you may be at risk of having heart disease there are a lot of risk factors. The doctor might often say you’re a walking heart attack about to happen and we need to do a set of things to lower your risk for that event

Fracking Waste Disposal: Still A Hot Mess

Feb 14, 2018
Bill Hughes

The slogan for Estill County is “where the bluegrass kisses the mountains.” But since 2015 the county, population 15,000, is widely known as the place where radioactive material generated by the oil and gas industry in a process known as fracking was dumped near some schools.

Immigration Court Expansion in Ohio Valley Region

Feb 8, 2018
Stu Johnson

With Congress in a heated immigration debate, the Ohio Valley region is adding to its immigration courts. Sources within the Justice Department say Kentucky will have a new immigration court operating in Louisville as soon as April, and Ohio is adding additional judges to handle deportations and other immigration cases. The changes in immigration policy have left many people with an uncertain future.