Stu Johnson

The first legislative step to substantial changes in Kentucky’s adoption and foster care programs took place Thursday in Frankfort. Unanimous approval came from the House Health and Family Services Committee.

Stu Johnson

A senate panel has adopted legislation aimed at reforms for a growing female population in Kentucky prisons and jails.  It includes standards regarding adequate nutrition and hygiene products for pregnant prisoners.  

Working to Avert School Shootings

19 hours ago

In the wake of school shootings in Kentucky and Florida, there has been a rash of copycat school threats throughout the Ohio Valley, leaving law enforcement and education officials grappling with how to improve security. A school counseling expert from West Virginia University says it’s useful to look at the potential school shootings that did not happen.

House Panel Approves State Terrorism Measure

Feb 22, 2018

Legislation to create a terrorism definition in Kentucky law continues to move through the general assembly.  Members of the House Judiciary Committee easily approved the measure Wednesday.

Bill sponsor, Senator Max Wise, was asked if such a definition didn’t already exist in federal law. “There’s not a universal of terrorism.  Every single agency defines terrorism by what they think is best for them, for prosecution purposes.”

Under a new Republican proposal to overhaul Kentucky’s pensionsystems, most state workers hired since 2014 would no longer get a guaranteed return on their retirement investments in the event of a

Public Workers React to Latest Pension Bill

Feb 21, 2018
Stu Johnson

On the day legislative leaders from both the House and Senate offered details of the new public pension reform bill, reaction came from those directly affected by proposed changes.  It happened by circumstance.

Cheri Lawson

A Northern Kentucky woman is making it her mission to help the homeless and the environment.

The 43- year- old has a special nickname for a reason.

Stu Johnson

Kentucky lawmakers are being asked to make significant changes in the state’s criminal justice system. Much of the formal capitol rotunda announcement Tuesday focused on ways to reduce prison populations and save taxpayer dollars.


Gov. Matt Bevin has filed a lawsuit in response to a legal challenge over Kentucky’s new Medicaid work requirement.

Kentucky is the first state in the country to require people to work or volunteer in order to keep Medicaid benefits.

The Kentucky Association of Food Banks will benefit from a $10,000 grant from the S.L. Gimbel Foundation, a component fund of the California based “Community Foundation.” 

Association Programs Coordinator Sarah Vaughn says the money will help get produce from farms to hungry citizens in need. “We’re required by law to pay below wholesale prices to farmers, but the money that they receive is supposed to help to cover the cost of picking, packing, and transporting the produce to the food banks,” said Vaughn.


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RAHUL GUPTA: If you have heart disease or you may be at risk of having heart disease there are a lot of risk factors. The doctor might often say you’re a walking heart attack about to happen and we need to do a set of things to lower your risk for that event

Fracking Waste Disposal: Still A Hot Mess

Feb 14, 2018
Bill Hughes

The slogan for Estill County is “where the bluegrass kisses the mountains.” But since 2015 the county, population 15,000, is widely known as the place where radioactive material generated by the oil and gas industry in a process known as fracking was dumped near some schools.

Immigration Court Expansion in Ohio Valley Region

Feb 8, 2018
Stu Johnson

With Congress in a heated immigration debate, the Ohio Valley region is adding to its immigration courts. Sources within the Justice Department say Kentucky will have a new immigration court operating in Louisville as soon as April, and Ohio is adding additional judges to handle deportations and other immigration cases. The changes in immigration policy have left many people with an uncertain future.