Cheri Lawson

Police  in Cincinnati continue to investigate a mass shooting at a  nightclub early Sunday morning  WEKU’s Cheri Lawson reports one person was killed and at least 15 were injured.

Gunfire broke out in the early morning hours inside the Cameo Nightclub in Cincinnati’s East End. Police are looking for more than one shooter. 

Copley/Hendren on 'Translations' at Woodford, Other Events

Mar 24, 2017

It’s time for our weekly chat featuring arts and cultural activities with Rich Copley and Harriett Hendren of the Lexington Herald-Leader.  This week they tell us that, although St. Patrick’s Day is over, Woodford Theatre is opening a very Irish play.  

Rich Copley and Harriett Hendren cover arts and culture for the Lexington Herald-Leader and Lexgo dot com.

You can find many listings of arts and cultural activities at the events calendar link at WEKU dot FM. 

Kentucky Medicaid Commissioner Stephen Miller said the state is moving full-speed ahead with changes to the Medicaid program known as “Kentucky Health” and he fully expects the waiver to be approved.

Miller’s comments Thursday come as Republicans in Congress work to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. A vote was scheduled for Thursday but was delayed due to opposition to the measure both from the center and the right within the party.

A federal court on Thursday heard testimony and arguments over a challenge to the state’s new ultrasound abortion requirement.

U.S. District Judge David Hale will decide in the next few days whether to temporarily block the law.

The law, signed by Gov. Matt Bevin on Jan. 9, requires doctors to perform ultrasounds on women seeking abortions, narrate a description of the fetus and play audio of the fetal heartbeat for the woman.

A federal court will hear arguments Thursday over whether to temporarily block Kentucky’s new ultrasound abortion requirement.

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the state over the new law on behalf of the last abortion provider in Kentucky, EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville.

The new law, which has been in effect since Jan. 9, requires doctors to perform ultrasounds on women seeking an abortion and narrate a detailed description of the unborn fetus while performing the procedure.

Governor Signs Kentucky Charter Schools Bill Into Law

Mar 23, 2017

Gov. Matt Bevin has signed the charter schools bill into law, allowing the alternative institutions to open up this fall after an application process.

Kentucky is the 44th state in the country to allow charter schools, which will receive public funding and be exempt from most state regulations in an effort to provide innovative education.

Bevin tweeted to mark the occasion:

Lexington council member Jennifer Scutchfield voiced concerns during Tuesday’s work session about repeated panhandling requests directed at one person.  She said she received a call from a citizen who was approached and asked a number of times for assistance.

“If people feel like they’re being intimidated or harassed when they are going from one business to their car or going to a night out for dinner.   You know, we want people to feel welcomed in our city,” said Scutchfield.

'Living With Animals,' Focus of Conference at EKU

Mar 23, 2017

Eastern Kentucky University is hosting its biennial "Living with Animals" conference.  The international conference includes presenters and attendees from countries like Germany, France, Denmark, and Sweden.    

More than 30 Kentucky county and state prosecutors are undergoing intensive trial advocacy training this week in Lexington.  The Kentucky Prosecutor's Institute is designed for those who've pursued fewer than five trials.


2017 started in the Lexington community with an uptick in unemployment.  Lexington’s Finance Commissioner sees no reason to sound an economic alarm. 

The jobless rate for Fayette County jumped almost a percentage point from December to January, going from 3.1 percent to 4 percent. 

Finance Commissioner Bill O’Mara says more study may lend more answers, but he says there’s typically less employment past the holiday period.  Plus more people are likely looking for work.


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Ohio Valley ReSource

Todd Lappin via Flicker

Note: Some readers may find this subject matter disturbing.

When Beth Jacobs was 16 years old, she needed a ride home. She had missed her bus after work again after promising her father she was responsible enough not to make it a habit. She asked a man she thought was a friend to give her a lift. He offered her a drink from his car’s cup holder. She took a sip and woke up in a parking lot hours later.

Rebecca Kiger

Rebecca Kiger

The Road To Recovery

On a recent gray winter morning Tomas Green drove the rain slick streets of Ranson in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle. No matter the weather, Green helps transport clients working through addiction at the Jefferson Day Report Center get to their treatment sessions and meetings.

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