Eastern Kentucky University President Michael Benson is alerting the university community of far reaching cost saving measures now under consideration.  That could include job reductions totaling 200.

In a campus wide email, Benson said the Budget Advisory Committee was charged with coming up with a plan to deal with an anticipated $25 million budget impact over the 2019-2020 fiscal years.  He says the budget dilemma involves additional pension costs, along with projected state cuts in funding, plus decreased tuition revenues.

Senate Acts to Add Family Court Judges

15 hours ago

The Kentucky Senate has adopted legislation calling for additional family court judges in needed service areas.  While the bill easily passed, there were still significant concerns expressed during floor debate.

 Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer believes more comprehensive judicial redistricting is needed. “It is my hope that we will continue to consider addressing judicial redistricting so we can provide access to justice to those growing regions of the state with dockets that are backed up as far as the eye can see,” said Thayer.

Stu Johnson

Legislation assuring that Kentucky public school students will be taught about the Holocaust has won final passage in the general assembly.  A holocaust survivor who lives in Kentucky was in attendance for the vote.  

81 year old Fred Gross was held in a concentration camp in France during World War II.  His brother, 13 years older, escaped and returned to help free captives, but Gross says they remained in hiding before making it to Switzerland. Gross remained on the floor of the Senate for the discussion and unanimous vote. 

Overhaul Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Passes Kentucky Senate Panel

22 hours ago

A bill that would overhaul the state’s workers’ compensation system continues to roll forward in the state legislature despite opposition from law enforcement and labor groups.

House Bill 2 is a top priority of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and is also supported by the Kentucky Coal Association, who say that businesses have to pay too much for workers’ compensation insurance.

Tyler White is the president of the Kentucky Coal Association.

Female Incarceration Reforms Move on to Full House

22 hours ago

Legislation to bring reforms to female prisons appears headed for final passage.  The senate measure got the approval Wednesday of the House Judiciary Committee.

Louisville Senator Julie Raque Adams wanted to keep the bill narrowly focused on incarcerated women and not be expanded to include broader criminal justice reforms.

“That was really my intent all along in filing this bill is to kind of address the problems we see with females who are incarcerated and I didn’t want that message to get watered down in a bigger bill,” said Raque-Adams

Kentucky Senate Budget Keeps Most Of Bevin’s Cuts, No New Revenue

Mar 20, 2018
Stu Johnson

Republicans in the state Senate have proposed keeping most of the budget cuts sought by Gov. Matt Bevin, while rejecting House Republicans’ plan to raise about $500 million through taxes on cigarettes and pain pills.

The spending plan quickly passed out of committee Tuesday morning and passed out of the full Senate after a debate Tuesday evening.


Stu Johnson

Senate consideration of the state budget Tuesday concluded with the measure passing generally along party lines with Democrats voting against the bill and Republicans for the spending plan. The floor debate which preceded the vote featured an often-heard refrain in Frankfort. 

Youth All Terrain Vehicle Legislation Advances

Mar 20, 2018

Legislation proponents say seeks to align Kentucky’s definition and classification of youth all-terrain vehicles with federal standards is making its way through the legislature.  

Rail Traffic Could Resume at Crash Site Tuesday

Mar 19, 2018
Stu Johnson

Clean up work is moving along quickly following a two train head-on collision near Georgetown Sunday night.  While an investigation is ongoing, a Norfolk Southern Railroad Representative says rail traffic is expected to resume Tuesday.

Senate Acts on Outside Attorney Fees

Mar 19, 2018
Stu Johnson

The Kentucky Senate has acted to limit attorney fees for certain personal service contracts.  Proponents and opponents both say the change could affect taxpayers when it comes to legal action tied to opioid distribution.

The measure, approved 26 to 12 along party lines, sets standards and rules for state agencies in awarding contingency fee contracts for legal services.  Minority Floor Leader Ray Jones argued it seeks to hamstring the attorney general going after opioid manufacturers.


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Gov. Matt Bevin says it’s too early to say what he thinks of President Donald Trump’s proposal to institute tariffs on foreign-made steel and aluminum even though the policy could have a big impact on Kentucky. 

The tariff could benefit Kentucky aluminum manufacturers like Braidy Industries—the company that Bevin helped attract to the state with a package of economic incentives—and Century Aluminum, which announced it would hire 300 new workers in Hancock County if the tariff went into effect. 

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  Jeff McGrew stood in line with about 30 other west Kentucky farmers awaiting certification that they’ve been trained to apply the herbicide Dicamba. The two hour session explained the Environmental Protection Agency’s new restrictions on use of the controversial herbicide. The session left McGrew uncertain about whether to use the spray.

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